• Mia Johnson

Favorites/First Blog Post

Hi everyone. my name is Mia Johnson and I'm the owner of Sweet Life of Mia. I thought I would start this off by sharing with you all my favorite makeup product right now, my favorite food, and my favorite workout routine!

My favorite makeup product right now is the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. I have seen some good and bad reviews however, I think it is truly amazing because it stays on forever. You will be seeing a few of Kylie's liquid lipsticks in my makeup portion and review portion of my blog.

My favorite food now is Avocado on toast and bagels with some sea salt and black crushed pepper. I think it is a healthy alternative to craving chips because the toast has salt on it and it is so refreshing with the avocado.

Lastly, my favorite workout is pilates by Popsuagr Fitness on youtube. The link is

Stay tuned for more blogs by me!