• Mia Johnson

Review: Chasing Grace Hats

Hi everyone! I had the opportunity to try out Chasing Grace's brand new hats that came out yesterday!! In my opinion, I absolutely love them so much! They are so comfortable on the head and easy to wear with everything. There are 4 equally great patterns and this is just one of them. You can also choose between a trucker or a classic hat. How cool is that?!

About Chasing Grace: They are based out of California and the brand is a faith-based, luxury apparel and accessory company. They communicate their Christian beliefs through such amazing and beautiful imagery & styling in their products.

I have a coupon code that goes towards your very own hat. Use the code MIA10 to get a 10% off your entire purchase! For every purchase you buy, a portion of their profit goes towards The Compassion Collective's cause and dedication to the security, welfare and safety of children. You can find more information on OR

Can't wait to match with you all!

*The hat I am modeling is their 'Black CHASE trucker'*