• Mia Johnson

Review: Lilly and Oak Fringe Cardholder

I got the opportunity to try out an Etsy brand named "Lilly and Oak" Fringe Cardholder. I received this yesterday and I am nonstop admiring it! The cardholder is such a beauty. Plus, the owner, Kara Lilly, is absolutely such a doll! She responds back to you immediately and is literally so nice! All her products are made with natural leather which is a plus. And this card holder is only $22!! WHAT?!!! Can I please say that it is such an awesome price? It literally smells like new leather and the stitching is well done! Also, you will get a bunch of compliments because I know, I for sure did! Kara also has other products besides this like, her Slim Diego Cardholders, Contour KeyTag, Julian Clutch, Arm Candy, Ada Collection, and other stuff from her Fringe Collection.

If you would like to purchase the Fringe Cardholder or Kara's other items, here is the link to her website;

Pictures Below:

Here are some ways you can use the cardholder:

1. This is pretty straight forward but, it can be used for your business cards. I tried out all the business cards I had with me and it fits perfectly. Plus, when you pull the cardholder out of your bag with your business cards, its so fashionably adorable.

2. When you are on the go and all you need is cash and/or credit card, this is a perfect size to carry these items with you, so you don't feel like you need to fill it up with more stuff.

3. If you need something cute to carry with you filled with either sample makeup products or a lipstick to touch up your makeup after a long day, this is the right choice for you! I promise you, with this, you will get a HUGE compliment and perfect usage.