• Mia Johnson

Review: MissPonytail

Hey all! Today I have another review to share with you all! This review is on the brand MissPonytail. May I say, these are so darn cute!! I am so grateful on how many the owner, Kate Rebovich, sent me! She sent me a range of purple, to white, rainbow to pumpkins, and stripes to polka dots, etc. She has a large selection of patterns, colors, designs, and I know for a fact, you WILL find something! Also, The hair ties are ONLY $5! Say WHAT?!

I am so happy I got to work with Kate! She is so nice and responds back to you ASAP. She runs her brand well and will help you find what you are looking for! Her hair ties are so cute, fashionable, comfy, and fits my hair type, thick. These hair ties are for EVERYONE! I love all the patterns and they are also good for everyone's personality.

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