• Mia Johnson

6 Day's Of Fall: Fall Outfits

Today I wanted to share with all of you, 3 fall outfits I will be rocking this Fall season, and so can you. This was meant to go up on Saturday but I was having technical difficulties until now!

And with that, lets go on with the outfits! :)

Outfit 1:

When I think of Fall, I think of sweater dresses paired with booties. So why not rock both sweater dresses and booties this Fall?! In October, the weather tends to go from warm to cold, then repeat that process throughout the month of October. So that means that this dress is perfect for both warm and cold weather because Its not so thick that I will sweat wearing this when its warm out.

Dress: This sweater dress is the "Soprano Swing Dress" by Soprano. They currently don't have the color I am wearing in the photo in stock, but they have 4 other colors to choose from.

Shoes: The booties are from Nine West and I got these last year meaning they don't make them anymore, however, ones that are similar are the "Winny Peep Toe Booties" and the "Metty Western Inspired Booties." These both are from Nine West.


Necklace: The necklace is absolutely gorgeous and it is from J-Crew. The necklace is called, "Venus Flytrap." I absolutely love how stunning it is! I love all J-Crew jewelry because they are affordable for the most part and is stunning.

Sunglasses: I bought these sunglasses in the Nordstrom's in Hawaii because they don't sell Quay at my local Nordstrom's and it was worth taking a day out of my trip to visit the mall and search for Quay. These Quay Sunglasses are the "Cherry Bomb" sunglasses. I absolutely love them and they were worth the purchase.

Outfit 2:

Top: I recently went to American Eagle and saw this shirt on Clearance, so I thought why not just buy it?!! I love how this shirt is high low, its a racer back, and I love the maroon color for Fall! I currently can't find what this shirt is called online, but it is very similar to the "AEO Soft and Sexy Swing Tank."

Sweater: I bought this sweater cardigan from Abercrombie and Fitch last year, and ever since then, I can't stop wearing it! The cardigan is very soft and thick making it great for nights out and for cold weather. This sweater is the "Abercrombie & Fitch Olivia Sweater."

Leggings: This pair of leggings I am wearing in this photo are from Lululemon and they are amazing!! They are the, "Essential Rhythm Crop." They are also so comfy!!

Shoes: My go-to shoes for the Fall and Winter time are Uggs. They are so soft and worth buying. I bought these a year ago and they still feel like new! They do stretch out and fit comfortably for many years to come. These are the "Classic II Tall" in the color Gray. I do recommend when buying Uggs, to get the Stain and Water repellent so they look fresh for many years to come.

Sunglasses: These sunglasses have been my go-to lately and they are from Ray-Ban. These are the Aviators in the color Gold Brown Classic.

Outfit 3:

Top: This top has also been my go-to for the month of October, with the weather being warm and cold. This shirt is from Splendid and it is so comfy and adorable! This style is the "Catalina Striped Crossback Tank."

Jacket: I love this jacket from Madewell so much because the khaki fabric is great for fall and its also so comfy and fashionable! This Jacket is the "Utility Jacket."

Jeans: My favorite jeans at the moment are from American Eagle because they are affordable and trendy. These are the "Super Stretch Jeggings."

Shoes: These boots are my favorite for the Fall and Winter time because the front is taller than the back, and also they are black. These are from Nine West and in the style "Legretto Tall Boots."

Scarf: This scarf came from Scotland as a gift and I am in love with the softness and the comfort this scarf gives me. The brand is Lochmere and it is 100% Cashmere. This scarf is in the style "Macduff."

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