• Mia Johnson

6 Days of Fall: Fall Makeup

Hi everyone! This was meant to go up last week, but I was busy and today I finally had time to publish this. Today, I will be sharing my favorite fall makeup with you, which includes, lip colors, nail polish, eye shadow palettes, and highlighters.

These all have been my favorite throughout the entire month of October and will be throughout the month of November.

Now let's get onto the Products!! (Pictures are below)



-Too Faced Melted Matte In 'Child Star': this is such a beautiful light nude color that works during day and night.

-Kylie Cosmetics 'Literally Gloss': This gloss smells like vanilla and goes on thick and creamy. This does not leave my lips feeling dry or sticky, which is a plus!

-Nyx Lingerie in 'Push-Up': Even though this lip product is not my favorite due to the dryness, stickiness, and the crumble at the lip, this is such a pretty color. This product maybe not my favorite, but its worth a try at such a low price and fun color!


-Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lip in 'Driver Seat': This lip is described as (Warm Pink), but when I apply it, I can see an Orange undertone. I love how the brush is diamond shape and how smooth it goes on. Even though it doesn't last long, its still a favorite.

-Smashbox Always on Matte Liquid Lip in 'Out Loud': This is another liquid lip color by Smashbox. This color is described as, (Deep Orange). I love how this color is a burnt Orange color and perfect for the Fall time when the leaves start turning orange and now my lips now turning orange with this color.

-Kylie Cosmetics 'Exposed': I love how this color is an orange nude color. It goes on like a brown nude with an orange tint. I love how this color looks on the lips and how it stays on ALL day long! So no reapplying here!


-Too Faced Melted Lip in 'Melted Fig': This color is absolutely the most flattering purple color I own. It's not to dark and not to vibrant, the perfect light lavender colored lip. I had this color for quite a while and I haven't tried it out till now thinking the color would be way to dark but it is perfect.

-Kylie Cosmetics in 'Leo': I got this color with the Birthday set she had and I was so happy to hear that 'Leo' was going to be included! This color is kind of blotchy and the color doesn't go on evenly. But the more coats you apply, the more the color shows, and the more you will enjoy wearing it!

-Dirty Little Secret Lipstick in 'Vengeance': This lipstick is so creamy and easy to apply and takes no time at all to put on! It stays on like any other lipstick and the reapply process, is not a big deal.

Eye shadows/Highlight:

-Bh Cosmetics 'Carli Bybel Palette': I love how this palette includes both highlighters and eye shadows at such an awesome price! My go-to Fall highlighter is the second highlighter in the palette. I love how the color is a light gold color perfect for everyday use in Fall.

The eye shadows In this palette are perfect for Fall because its a mix of matte and shimmer eye shadows. There is also a mix of nudes and purple and maroon colored eye shadows as well. This palette is perfect for Fall and everyday use. Its also so creamy and highly pigmented.

-Tarte 'Tartelette Palette': I love how this palette contains all nudes and matte shades. The eye shadows are creamy, but not so pigmented, but the more times you apply it, the more the pigment builds up.

Nail Polish:

-SinfulColors x Kylie in 'Purple Kraze': I got this as a present and I fell in love with it immediately! I love how it's a collaboration with Kylie Jenner and I also love how this a matte purple.

-Trust Fund Beauty nail polish in 'No Filter': I love how this color is a light nude and perfect for any season. It also lasts a long time.

-OPI Nail Lacquer in 'In The Cable Car-Pool Lane': I love how this color is a maroon and looks so pretty on the nails. I really like using this nail polish with a matte top coat. Love!

-Pop-arazzi in 'Living Coral': This color is really pretty for Halloween and I also like how it's from the drugstore so its only a couple bucks. It lasts for about 1-2 weeks on me.

-Be A Bombshell Cosmetics nail polish in 'Va Voom': This nailpolish is a dark navy color with a hint of dark purple. Looks really pretty on the nails.

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