• Mia Johnson

Review: MadeGood Granola

Hi everyone! I'm back again with another review for you all! And this time, its FOOD!!!! With me being highly allergic to nuts, I was so happy to discover a brand that does NOT CONTAIN and is NOT PROCESSED in a shared facility with the 8 common allergies, peanuts. tree nuts, wheat, soy, dairy, egg, sesame, fish & shellfish. This means that it is safe for EVERYBODY to enjoy! Another plus about this product is that it does not taste like cardboard, it actually tastes delicious.

About MadeGood:

MadeGood products are made in Canada at Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. MadeGood foods can be eaten with milk, yogurt, fruit, or by itself! MadeGood's granola are made with vegetable powder, spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets, and shiitake mushrooms, making the product only 90 calories per bar or 90 calories per pouch of granola bites. Each of their products are made in a peanut and tree nut FREE facility, contains nutrients found in one serving of vegetables, Gluten Free, Kosher Parve, Certified Organic, Non-GMO project verified, Contains 9 g of whole grains per serving, and Made with whole grains, and A source of fiber and vitamin B6. Lastly, these products are all organic. All of their flavors of bars come in the mini bites as well.

You can read more information about MadeGood at:

Fun Fact:

MadeGood is a family business that included a Mom & Pop, 3 siblings, and 2 cousins. They started their company 3 years ago in their Mom's kitchen and now have 3 decent sized facilities and over 100 employees, which they call, MadeGood Family.

Where to Buy:

I first found this product at my local Whole Foods, but they are also sold at Goodness Me, Pomme Natural Market, Aroma Espresso Bar, Loblaws, Costco, Sobeys Urban Fresh, Heinen's, Healthy Planet, Shopper's Drug Mart, , an MANY other places.

*I wanted to thank Stephanie and her team at MadeGood for sending me granola bars and bites to sample and review! I am highly thankful for working with this amazing team of people! :)

This MadeGood Apple Cinnamon Granola Bars and Bites taste

so good with milk. Tastes just like Apple Jacks cereal.

This Mixed Berry Granola Bar tastes SO good!! I tend to eat it plain,

but I'm sure it would taste just as good or even better in yogurt.

These Strawberry Granola minis taste delightful with milk and

some Greek yogurt! I also the color of the packaging ;)

These Chocolate Chip Granola Bars and bites are delightful!

For the chocolate chips not containing any dairy, they were

pretty dang good.

Lastly, this granola bar is Chocolate Banana. I love how the banana

flavoring does not taste artificial. The banana tastes good, but even

better with the chocolate.