• Mia Johnson

Review: Lipsense

Hi everyone! I'm back with another review. I decided to create a review on the non-stop, talked about product, Lipsense. All over Instagram I see people raving about this product, so I decided to put this product to the test. Is it worth it? We are about to find out.

I got sent a starter kit with Sand Gloss, OOPS! Remover, and Precious Topaz as the color. I would like to thank Caitlyn Tanner, @lusciouslips_bycait on Instagram. She was so kind to send me these products along with a couple tips I will be sharing with you in just a few moments. If you're thinking of buying Lipsense, definitely purchase from Caitlyn.

With that said, let's get on with the review!

I found Precious Topaz to be a very pretty, glittery, nude that looks really good on the lips. I found this product to not feel drying at all. Precious Topaz is perfect for a night out on the town and special events when you want a long-lasting glittery lip color.

I found the lip color to be a bit goopy on the lips and felt a little more sticky than I would like. But try it out for yourself, some of you may like this. I found out that I couldn't use the lip gloss because it had Shea Butter and I'm allergic to that ingredient. So what I did was just put on a glittery lip gloss I had in my collection and used that on top. I feel like it would work the same as the Lipsense gloss. It wasn't quite as long-lasting as everyone was saying, it lasted for about 4 hours, not 18. I found the lipsense color to have a scent with an apple kind of aroma. Also, it has a sensation when you apply it, like a sizzle and plump feeling, but a lot of people love this feeling and so you may love it too. With the OOPS! Remover, I got the old formulated one, and I found that it worked, but I had to rub hard. I haven't tried the new formula, so I can't say whether if the new one works or not.

Another plus was that Lipsense color was transfer-proof and Caitlyn was such a doll and answered any questions I had. The color was beautiful and I would wear it for Christmas and New Years!

Tips From Caitlyn:

-Apply the color to clean, dry lips

-2-3 very thin layers

-Wipe the applicator on the side of the tube so you don't get excess product

-Allow 60-90 seconds of dry time between layers

-Allow to dry completely before gloss

-Keep your lips apart when applying the product, until dry

-If your lips become dried out or it seems to burn, apply SeneGence Lip Balm

If your looking for a product that won't transfer and long-lasting, this product is definitely for you!

Transfer-proof put to the test: Hey! It worked!