• Mia Johnson

Review: The Letter Perch Signs

Hi everyone. I'm back once again with another review! This time, it is on The Letter Perch signs. I was lucky enough to get sent a sign with my domain name on it, Sweet Life Of Mia. Jessica, The Letter Perch Owner, was so easy and sweet to work with. She answered all my questions and gave me a sign with the wording and colors I wanted.

If your looking into ordering a personalized sign, Jessica is the one to ask.

Jessica's website:

Now on to the review!

I absolutely adore Jessica's work, and when I got the opportunity to get a personalized sign, I was so happy and excited! She was able to get whatever wording I wanted on the sign, and any colors of my choice. Lucky for you, she can do that for you as well! My sign had the wording, Sweet Life Of Mia in light pink and gold with green little leaves. When I saw the sign come in the mail, I wasted no time at all to open it. I literally drooled over how adorable it was. I have fallen in love. The outside of the sign is painted in gold and inside the sign had a background color of white with my pink and gold Sweet Life Of Mia wording. The wording and leaves were painted so well and it was hand painted. Everything was so smooth and straight. The sign was everything I have dreamed of it being. I would like to give Jessica a round of applause on doing such an amazing job on my sign, and everyone else's she gets to work with.

She has a wide range of sign sizes and wood patterns to choose from. You would definitely find one you will love. Her signs range from $20-$40. You can choose from a variety of font designs and colors.

I hope you enjoy and buy a sign of your own!