• Mia Johnson

Review: Lulabella

Hi everyone! I have a review for you all. This time it is on, Lulabella's "Kennedy Wrap." I was sent the "Kennedy Wrap" in the light brown with the jewel being silver. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! The jewel is so delicate and the band is a soft suede fabric. Megan, Lulabella owner, has a wide range of wraps and other jewelry pieces and that you will find something you like for sure!

I would like to thank Megan, the owner of Lulabella, for sending me the most beautiful wrap ever! I would also like to thank her for her generosity and supporting me and my blog!

Megan was so kind and provided me a promo code to share with y'all! Use code: SWEETLIFEOFMIA for 20% off of your order! Enjoy!

Lulabella Social Media: @lulabellajewels

Now on with the review! And like always, pictures are all below!

About: Megan's goal as an owner of Lulabella is to create gorgeous and trendy jewelry to share with other people after creating them for herself. Megan herself creates all her jewelry pieces! Megan hopes that you will enjoy her jewelry as much as she does!

I received this wrap last week and I feel in love with it the first day the wrap arrived! I love how this wrap doubles as a bracelet and as a choker! You can pretty much wear it any way your heart desires! It would be cute also as an ankle bracelet or a ring if you would like to try that out as well! I love how this wrap works with everything in my closet! Even the most brightly colored item works with this wrap! I like how the jewel is not to big to the point where I feel like it's heavy or taking over the suede string!

This wrap is perfect for dressing up or dressing down. I can totally wear this with the most fanciest dress I own without feeling like this wrap is to casual! I can also wear this with leggings and a T-shirt without feeling like the wrap is to much! In my opinion, this wrap is perfect! I love wearing it around the house and outside the house! It makes my outfit complete!

I would like to thank Megan again, and I hope you use the promo code to buy yourself something nice to save for the holidays!! And if you would like to get it by the holidays, order NOW!!

Thanks and I hope you enjoyed!

Muah <3,