• Mia Johnson

A Day In My Life- Ice Skating

Hi everyone! Today I had a very successful day hanging out with my friends ice skating and a little shopping! We took a LOT of pictures so I decided to turn them into a blog post and share my day with y'all! Hope you enjoy!

Now on with the post! And as always, pictures are all below!

Ice Skating:

My friends and I decided to go ice skating since it's almost the holidays and it's December! As soon as I put on my skates and started walking, I didn't remember it being too hard! Well, I found out I wasn't as good as I thought I was! I actually had to rent a "skate buddy!" LOL! My friends all biffed it after telling me I looked stupid using the "skate buddy." We all shared a laugh and decided after an hour of skating, that we were ready for lunch.

C Casa:

After skating, we decided that we all felt like chicken tacos. We walked half a mile and ran into a Mexican restaurant called C Casa! It was actually pretty good! It had avocado, chipotle aioli sauce, and lettuce. We also ordered some chips and salsa to share.

Photo Shoots:

After eating and feeling full, we decided to walk around downtown and do some shopping! Along the way, my friends pointed out to me some photo ops. I didn't realize how pretty downtown was! Let's just say, in total, we took about 100+ photos! Whoops!


After walking around for another hour, we decided to end our hang out at Starbucks! I got a Hot Chocolate, because its winter and almost the holidays! One of my friends wasn't feeling the holiday drink mood, and ordered a strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk! Says summer to me. Lol! After finishing our drinks, we went our separate ways.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! I'll be back with another review very soon! ;)

Muah <3,