• Mia Johnson

Review: Winky Lux

Hi everyone! Hope your Thursday is going well! Guess what?! 3 more sleeps till Christmas!! Until then, here's my last review until after the Holidays! So, enjoy it as long as you can! Today I will be reviewing Winky Lux's Glossy Boss in "Unicorn Tears" and Matte Lip Velour in "Meow" and "Bunny."

I would like to thank Nicole Hamilton over at Winky Lux for kindly sending me these! I really appreciate her supporting me and my blog!

Winky Lux Social Media: Winky_lux

Nicole's: adecadeintheweeds

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Now on with the review! And as always, all pictures are below!

About: Winky Lux is a cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free, and a non-toxic brand of cosmetics. Winky Lux uses high quality ingredients known to all woman-kind. Winky Lux doesn't test on animals and insist suppliers don't either. They create unusual colors and sustainably made so that you "stop in your tracks." They sell online and for that, they create luxury products at drug store prices.


As soon as I received this last week, I truly fell in love with the packaging and colors Nicole sent me. The outside package is floral and as soon as you open up the packaging of the Matte Lip Velours, the lipsticks are in a pill shape gold packaging. It opens up the same way as any other Lipstick container would. As for the Glossy Boss, the outside packaging is floral but when you open that up, it reveals a sleek glass container with some patterns on the front. The cap is white and has a gold rim with the cap top having a cute little gold poodle! How cute?! The first time I swatched these on the back of my hand, I fell in love with the pigment. The lip products went on so smoothly and I will have to say, this is my new favorite makeup brand EVER!! I wouldn't say these last a long time, with eating and drinking, but for the pigment and smoothness, also the packaging, I wouldn't mind touching up my lip color! At the same time, I could be showing off the gold packaging and Winky Lux as a brand!


Meow is such a unique nude color! When I first saw it, I thought it would be a light brown, but turned out to be kind of like a taupe color! It's so different from all the nude shades in my collection that I might reach for it more by the nude color, the formula, and the pigment. This has to be by far, my favorite nude shade I own.


When I first saw this in the packaging without swatching it, I thought of a red shade. When I swatched it on my lips, It turned out differently. It was more of a pinky, purple, red color! As before, this is a unique color! I don't own anything like this, nor have I seen a shade like this. So that's what makes "Bunny" unique. I knew the moment I wore it, this would be my new favorite pink, red, and purple shade! I am actually planning on wearing this for the holidays with "Unicorn Tears" on top!

Unicorn Tears:

Oh my, what could I say about this other than "Unicorn Tears" is my new favorite gloss?! This shade is described as a holographic gloss. This truly is holographic! This shade is a clear shiny gloss with holographic glitters mixed in. Every time I put the brush in the container, I keep getting lots of glitter! I'm not saying that's a bad thing, I actually LOVE glitter! So that makes this gloss unique and amazing! Also, I have never seen a holographic gloss before! Nor have I seen a gloss that wasn't goopy or sticky on the lips! Very thin and easy to layer without getting think and sticky.

As you can see, for the first time trying out Winky Lux, It was a complete success! I loved everything, the packaging is beautiful and I'm looking forward to ordering some more stuff to try out!

Thanks so much for reading and I hoped you enjoy!

Muah <3,