• Mia Johnson

Review: Lilly and Oak Pouch and Necklace

Hi everyone! I hope you are having an awesome Thursday! I am back to write another review on Lilly + Oaks Pouch and Feather Necklace. Before I go on with the review, I just wanted to mention that these are gorgeous! I have reviewed Lilly + Oak's Fringe Cardholder a couple months back but I received another package from Kara, the owner, over the holidays so I thought I would review more of her products! Click HERE for the first review I did with Kara.

Now on with the review!

About Lilly + Oak:

Lilly and Oak is based out of Dallas, TX created by Kara O'Brien. Kara has a passion for creating and designing beautiful and simple modern accessories. Her products are made of leather to ensure highest quality. To learn more about Lilly + Oak and about Kara, click HERE.


The Pouch:

-This pouch is The Ada Pouch. The one that is shown in my photos are only sold at shows, but the Ada Pouch is the same as pictured just a square shape instead of rectangle. When I received this as a thank you gift and holiday gift, I was in awe about the color, blue my favorite, and the quality of the product. The pouch has two sections on the inside making it easy for you to split up your cards and money. The quality is well-made and AMAZING! The stitching is done well and smells like fresh leather. I definitely recommend you purchasing!


-This necklace is only sold at shows, however, if you email her:, she is willing to sell you a feather necklace. The one that I got was the gold feather dipped in blue paint. Once again, I was in love about the color and quality. I have worn this necklace a lot so the paint is wearing a little bit, but still has a lot of blue still on the feather. The necklace is very simple, but cute and delicate. I also highly recommend this! Email Kara if you would like one for yourself.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Muah <3,