• Mia Johnson

Review: mintMONGOOSE

Hi everyone! I hope your having a great day! Today I will be sharing with y'all a jewelry monthly subscription box I recently discovered! The monthly subscription box is mintMONGOOSE. You get 3 jewelry pieces a month for just $12/mo! The pieces are so cute and amazing! The packing is white with mint ribbon and their logo on a rubber stamp.

I would like to thank Helena for sending me the January Box for review. She is so sweet and helped me with any questions I may have had!

Now on with the Review!


-I actually don't have my ears my pierced, but my mom does so I gifted her the earrings! They look so cute on and goes well everything! The earrings are silver bars! They are so simple and suits anyone! The earrings look just like high-end earrings but at an affordable price!


-The necklace I received had a pocket watch that actually takes time/has a battery! It looks great on everyone! It is silver, black and white and hangs at the perfect length. I LOVE!!!


-The last thing I received, other than the caramel apple pop ;), was a bracelet with mint charms. They are so cute! The structure of the bracelet is a nude color and metal charms to hold mint charms in place! It is very well made and amazing! Highly recommend.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Muah <3,