• Mia Johnson

Review: Winky Lux's Matte Lip Whips

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! Who else has a lip product addiction like I do? Haha. I finally added 3 new lippies to my collection and they are the new Winky Lux's Double Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Angel Food, Cookie, and Lolli. Let me start with, if you haven't already tried them, you MUST. Keep reading to find out why they are so worth it.

*I would like to thank Nicole over at Winky Lux once again for being such a great partner to work with.*

Now on with the review:

Angel Food:

-This is in the shade Angel Food. The reason why I chose this color to be one of the 3 shades I received was because,

a) It's a nude shade

b) Looks great on everyone

c) Every girl needs a smudge-proof, transfer-proof, water-proof and long-lasting nude color

And yes, you heard that right, it's a smudge-proof, transfer-proof, water-proof, and long-lasting!!! *The website does not state this, but with every liquid lipstick I try these out and this is the first ever one that passed these tests.* After applying, I was rubbing hard and smearing my finger across my lip, and nothing. My finger remained clean and no sight of color. Also, around my lip, no color transfer. To test the water-proof test, I applied the colors to my arm and placed it under the water faucet rubbing and nothing happened. Even my favorite makeup removers can't take this off (I was able to remove using Micellar Water). That's how you know that this is a great lip product. Nothing budged after eating a messy sandwich. Now that's great!


-The second shade I received was Cookie. This is also a nude, but more of a cool-toned brown nude. The tests I did with Angel Food applies to Cookie and Lolli. This color is not the least bit patchy and the pigment is great! I only applied one coat of each color to my lip. This name just gets me every time, who doesn't want a lip color named after your favorite dessert, Cookie?! Cookies are my favorite dessert, but so is this shade. The applicator on these products are not my favorite for applying lip products precisely, but ignore that because the actual product is worth it. You can still use the applicator or your favorite lip brush.


-The last shade I received was Lolli. I thought this shade would be more of a mauve color, but showed up a dark bubblegum pink shade, which I was surprised by but LOVED! I also thought this shade would be patchy because all of my other pinks are, but this, definitely is not patchy, not one bit. Oh and did I mention that these lip products smell AMAZING?! All of them smell like vanilla cake that just came out of the oven! YUMM. These lip products are also very lightweight and do not feel like I am wearing anything on my lips. Definitely worth it.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Muah <3,