• Mia Johnson

Review: Dalyne Store Sunglasses

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great Saturday! Today I will be sharing with y'all sunglasses I received from Dalyne Store. Sunglasses are not the only things they sell, they also have watches and bracelets. This brand is based out of France which is pretty cool. Everything they sell are so cute and unisex.

*I would like to thank Arthur over at Dalyne Store for sending over a pair of Aviator sunglasses. He is so nice and answers any questions you may have.*

Now on with the review!

-The sunglasses I received were their Aviators in Brown Lens. What is unique about the aviators is that the frames on the glasses are made out of Handmade Wood. All of their lenses are polarized and have colored lenses such as Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Orange Green, and Silver. The sunglasses fit perfectly and are very sturdy. I love to wear these sunglasses when it is sunny out, when I am working out, and when I am just cruising around town (Say "around town" in a Spongebob voice! haha). Has anyone else seen that episode of Spongebob when he says, "around town"? This is what I am talking about:

Anyways, overall I really enjoy these sunglasses for their versatility and uniqueness. I highly suggest these sunglasses to everyone that are looking for new sunglasses that you can wear everywhere and with anything.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Muah <3,