• Mia Johnson

Review: Sale and New Chasing Grace

Hi everyone. Hope you are soaking up some sun this weekend. Today, once again, I have teamed up with Chasing Grace to share some of their sale items and new items. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, @sweetlifeofmia, you would have seen me snap some pics at their Launch Party for their NEW Spirited Collection collaborated with a local artist, Alex Cole. I will be sharing with you a shirt and hat from their previous collection that is now on SALE and a jacket I picked up at their Launch Party.

Now on with the review:

Crown Of Thorns Hat and Shirt:

-If you haven't seen my other blog posts in collaboration with Chasing Grace, I reviewed 2 of their other tees and a hat. The Crown of Thorns Tee is a bit thinner or slightly see- through, but still flattering, so I paired it with a white tank under so I didn't have to worry. As for the Crown of Thorns Hat, the backing is different than the "Chase" one I blogged about before. This one doesn't have an adjuster in the back, it is just flat and fits most. I love how versatile these two pieces are. You can wear these with anything and everything! You can pair the tee and the hat together or you can wear it separately. Wear it anyway your heart desires. On the right shoulder of the tee, there is a little "Amen". I love how lightweight and soft the tee is and how comfy the hat is. Right now they are having a sale on this tee and hat, as well as their other patterns ranging from $25.20-$56.40. And you can use code "EXTRA25" for an extra 25% off of the sale items. The tees and hats are slowly selling out so if you want one for yourself, go and get it.


-While at the Launch Party, I picked up the Chasing Grace Hoodie. Let me tell you, this jacket is the softest thing I have ever put on my body! It is also one of the comfiest, snuggliest jackets I have put on. I love how there are finger cutouts (cuffins), a cross on the backside of the right sleeve, and "Amen" on the bum.

This jacket is unisex and seems to run a little big, so The Rock can definitely wear it. ;) And of course, so can you too. The moment you put on the jacket, you can feel how high-end the quality the hoodie is.


-Some of the other new items that Chasing Grace came out with were T-shirt dresses, T-shirts, the Hoodie, and Long-sleeved Shirts. They were all so soft when I felt and tried them on at the launch party and were also clearly made of very high quality.


-And I already know people are going to ask me what lip combo I am wearing and it is Pacifica Power Of Lipstick in the shade Nudie Red and on top I am wearing Maybelline's Shine Shot in Clear.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Muah <3,