• Mia Johnson

Review: The Vamp Stamp

Hi everyone! Today I will be sharing with y'all a product that has been a life saver and a staple in my makeup collection. The product I am talking about is The Vamp Stamp AKA VaVaVoom Stamp. What this product is, is basically a stamp for your eye to create the sharpest and cleanest eyeliner wing ever, at least for me. For someone that struggles with creating a winged eyeliner, this product is life changing.

*Before I finish telling you how awesome this product is, I would like to thank Sarah who is apart of the Vamp Stamp team for kindly sending over a stamp to help me achieve the perfect winged eyeliner ever and sending over liner Ink and an angular brush to go with my stamp. She is so kind and very helpful. *

Now on with the review!


-The Vamp Stamp size I received in the mail was medium. They also sell a size large if you like your wing more bold. The other thing I received in the mail was the VINK Eyeliner Ink and VERGE Angle Brush. If I didn't already say enough about the stamp, it seriously WORKS! My wing is so sharp and pigmented that all you basically have to do is line your eyelid, put ink on the stamp, and place the stamp on your eye where you want the wing. The only con I have with this product is, it takes a few tries to figure out which angle to place the stamp, because either I placed it way too high, or way too low. You just have to figure out where to place. I do wish it came with a diagram or something showing you where to place. If you are ok with trial and error, then this product is for you. After I tried a few times to succeed at which angle I needed to place the stamp, it has been life changing! I can now remember where I am supposed to place it. Once you get the hang of it, you will be in love with it as well, as it is easy to use.

-As for the Ink, that is also amazing. I love how the ink is on a cushion-like material, similar to a cushion foundation, and you can easily dip the stamp inside the container and stamp your eye away. The black is super pigmented, and if you make a mistake, it comes off easily with a makeup wipe or Q-Tip, dipped in remover. I would recommend that when using the Ink and stamp for the first time, that you don't put any makeup on so if you do make a mistake, you don't have to wipe away your gorgeous face makeup or eyeshadow. Even though it is easy to fix with makeup remover, it does dry completely and does not transfer onto your eyelid or brow bone.

Overall, these are great products to help you succeed your perfect winged liner and I recommend you to try it out for yourselves and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Muah <3,