• Mia Johnson

Review: McCrea's Caramel

Hi everyone! If you're a caramel loving fan like me, you would know that the best kinds are the ones that are super chewy, creamy and packed with flavor. McCrea's caramels describe everything that I love about caramels. McCrea's are chewy and have a bunch of creative flavors to choose from. They range from sweet to salty, to spicy. I like the packaging that these all came in because it is super sleek and I love how it comes in a pillow box or a tall, cylinder container. This is also a nut-free treat so that is also a plus.

*I would like to thank the team over at McCrea's caramels for sending over the Deep Chocolate, Basil Cayenne, Classic Vanilla, Single Malt Scotch, and Black Lava Sea Salt flavors. They were such a doll to work with and answered any questions I may have had.*

Now on with the review!


Deep Chocolate:

-One of the first flavors I will be talking about is the Deep Chocolate. All of the caramels have similar consistency, but this is one of my favorite flavors because it is not that bitter, it has almost a subtle sweetness. The chocolate flavor is rich and tastes just like a dark chocolate bar with a touch of caramel.

Basil Cayenne:

-The spicy caramel I would like to share is the Basil Cayenne. It has a super strong basil taste with a punch of spicy cayenne in the back of your throat. This wasn't one of my favorites because I am not a huge fan of spicy things, but my mom actually loved it. After you get the strong cayenne, the basil taste seemed to disappear and left me with my tongue on fire. I thought looking at it would not be spicy, but boy was I wrong. The cayenne taste came upon me with a shock. The cayenne is hot and spicy at the same time, and then the basil reminded me of a margherita pizza (my favorite kind of pizza) that almost seems to calm the cayenne down after a little bit of hotness flowing in my throat. The cayenne is more of a good hot and not a, OMG I need to get this out of my mouth ASAP! I liked it, it just wasn't one of my favorites. It came in a pillow box so it is good they sell it in a pillow box so that you can try a few before committing to buy a big box. My Dad would like me to include that he would describe this caramel as, "Sweet Heat."

Classic Vanilla:

-My all time favorite, which was gone after 2 days, is the Classic Vanilla. My dad and I have always been the type of people who love anything vanilla: cake, lollipops, ice cream, and now caramels. The vanilla is really noticeable and sweet that I could literally eat a whole bag in one day, more like 2 in this case. The vanilla flavor was clean and true and it almost tastes like the See's Lollipops in Vanilla, just with a caramel twist.

Single Malt Scotch:

-The next caramel I would like to share is the Single Malt Scotch. This is one of my dad's favorite as well because it has a very strong scotch taste. It's like drinking scotch right from the bottle. It was good and definitely for those people who like the taste of scotch. I like more of the sweet side of things when it comes to candy. This also came in a pillow box so if you wanted to try any of the flavors, the pillow box has only a few caramels so it works well for trying several flavors at the time of purchase.

Black Lava Sea Salt:

-The last caramel I received was the Black Lava Sea Salt. This was my sister's first choice as her favorite caramel. I also loved this one too! I am a huge fan of salted caramel so this was perfect for me. If you are like me and suck your caramels rather than chew, then you will realize that once you finish the caramel, you are left with super salty chucks of salt, perfectly balanced. I love the sweet and salty combination!

Overall, my favorites were the Black Lava Sea Salt, Classic Vanilla, and Deep Chocolate. I did enjoy tasting them all through and getting my own perspective on my favorite flavors. You should do the same- try one, try them all!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Muah <3,