• Mia Johnson

Review: D.E.N. Cosmetics

Hi everyone! If you know me well, you would know that I LOVE bright, bold lips. I was so happy when D.E.N. Cosmetics reached out to me and wanted to send over their Cherry Bomb Lock My Lips 24HR Lip. One side is color and the other is gloss. This is just like Lipsense, but 100% better!!!! This is my new favorite lip brand for its longevity and transfer-proof.

*I would like to thank Kyra over at D.E.N. Cosmetics for sending over the Cherry Bomb lip. It was so sweet of her and I am so thankful I got to work with such an amazing person. She checks in asking if you are satisfied with the product or not.*

Now on with the review!


-Once again, the lip color I received was the Cherry Bomb Lock My Lips 24HR Lip. I love this product most for its longevity for being a glossy lip. I put it on in the AM before going to the gym and wore it throughout the night without any touchups. I did add more gloss throughout the day because I wanted my lips more glossy, but if you wanted it matte, you can apply just one coat of the gloss in the morning and that is it. This product does what it says, 24hr lip. This product is not sticky nor tingly, its smooth and creamy as I like my lip products to be. It is also not drying to your lips, which I dislike my lip products to be drying. It actually is hydrating.

-As for the transfer-proof part, once again, it does what it says. I was rubbing so hard on my lips and my fingers remained clean of color. Red is a really tricky color to keep from transferring onto your glasses and clothes, but this product is worry free and you will no longer have red stains anywhere. I even drank water and the lip is waterproof and I did not see any staining on my water bottle. This is also perfect for the 4th of July because it is long-lasting and if you are wearing a white top, you don't need to worry.

-To apply, I liked to add 2 coats of the color allowing to dry 30sec before adding the other coat. I allowed the 2 coats to dry down completely, about 1-2 minutes, before adding the gloss on top. Voila! Your lip product wont be smearing and disappearing all day! Enjoy!

This is a great product and I love how it is transfer-proof, water-proof, and longevity. And I almost forgot, there products are Cruelty Free!!!!! I am in love with this and I picture myself ordering more.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!