• Mia Johnson

Review: Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Collection + Now sold at in the US

Hi everyone! Hope you all are having a great Wednesday! Today I will be sharing with you all, a beauty brand that is created by the famous YouTuber, Zoella. Her collection used to be sold only in the UK and had only a few pieces sold at Target in the US, but she came out with a new collection that is being sold at in the US. Her collection is known for containing a lot of bath products, a perfume that comes in a sprayer and a solid, a body glitter, makeup bags, and body lotions that all smell divine! Also, her products are so adorable and affordable! This is my first time trying out her products, so here are my thoughts.

*I would like to thank Paris once again from YCC Agency for sending over this surprise package! I was so excited when the mail man dropped off a package with the label that sayed "YCC Agency". I totally did not know! Thank you Paris!*

Now on with the review!


Bath Fizzer: One of the first products I received was the Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer. This retails for $7.95 and has many uses. The bar itself looks exactly like a white chocolate bar. It is divided into 18 squared pieces and you only have to 4 pieces into the bath, or more if you wanted. So this will last you a while. When i opened up the box, it had a delicious scent and when I picked it up, I realized the smell was coming from this fizzer. It has a very sweet and candy like scent, but described as having a macaron scent. I love the packaging and how cute the actual product is, and I will definitely keep using.

Bath Latte: The next product I received was the Bath Latte. This retails for $8.95 and just like the fizzer, it will last you a long time. This product has a milky texture and a little bit of this goes a long way. You can use this product as a bubble bath, or you can use it as body wash in the shower. Another plus is that is also has an amazing scent. This Bath Latte almost has a clean, fresh scent, as well as a sweet vanilla smell. I love it!

Cosmetic Bag: The cosmetic bag I received was the Life is Sweet Cosmetic Bag. This retails for $9.95. I love this bag because first off, it has the words "Sweet" and "Life" on it ;), and second, you can use this bag many different ways. Of course you can use it as a makeup bag or toiletry bag, but you can also use it as a clutch. Lately I have been photographing OOTD's (Outfit of the Day) and using this bag as my clutch. It is so cute to use as a clutch because it is the most perfect, almost periwinkle color and has scalloping. Also, it has gold lettering, my fave! And if you are in school, this is perfect as a pencil bag, or if you work, this is perfect to store your paper clips, pens, erasers, pencils, binder clips, etc.

Overall, I absolutely love everything I received and I can't wait to order some more stuff to try out in the future!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Muah <3,