• Mia Johnson

Review: Silk Therapeutics

Hi everyone! I am back and ready for action! Today we will talking about skin. I have teamed up with Silk Therapeutics to share with you all new skincare I have been trying out and the benefits of silk. Yup, you heard that right, silk. What makes Silk Therapeutics so different from the rest of the skincare industry is that they are the only skincare brand in the world that sources silk in a cocoon form and infuses their products with it. 

To get a little bit more information about the brand before I get on with the review, here are some questions I asked the Silk Team.

M: What benefits does Silk have?

S: Silk has complimentary structure with collagen. Silk has a tremendous biochemical affinity for collagen protein. It is able to penetrate the dermis and bind to the protein matrix of the skin. The benefit is that silk can firm the skin and silk can also form a moisture barrier, keeping water in the skin while also letting oxygen pass, i.e., allowing the skin to breathe. Silk's protein structure evolved in nature. It's unique nature protein evolved to resist the growth of microbes. Which means bacteria cannot readily anchor to silk or crawl along its protein lattice/webbing. As a result of our commitment to using a high concentration of pure liquid silk in all our products, we naturally suppress the growth of microbes. And so, we are able to use the most natural and gentle/safest preservatives found in any skincare! Silk is really a multitasker. You won't find another ingredient like this in the entire industry, that performs this many factors; active ingredient, an emulsifier, a stabilizer, and a preservative booster. 

M: How did your products come to be?

S: Our co-founders are both silk biomaterials experts. That is, they hold PhD's in biomedical engineering , with a specialty in silk as one of nature's wonder molecules. In the middle of all this, Greg (one of the co-founders) became a dad and was prescribed some pretty heavy creams to deal with his infant son's skin issues. He did not like the ingredient lists. Beck (Another co-founder), had to undergo chemotherapy, and was told to get off conventional personal care products, because her body  was already going through enough. They started looking into skincare chemistry and materials being used, and what function they served in the formulas. Silk was the ultimate multitasking molecule. Pure silk would not only be a brand new ingredient to skincare, but an entirely different way of making skincare going forward. This is only the beginning for the work that they hope silk biochemistry can provide to the world. Cleaning up skincare is only the first step. 

M: What is a best selling product?

S: Definitely our C Advance serum and our Renewing Peel; and for women who don't also use foundation, our line of Nurture moisturizers are the products this specific customer niche return for again and again. 

M: What is the hardest product to produce?

S: It is a tie between the C30 film and our eye cream. The film may seem simple because it's only two ingredients, but it takes real mastery to achieve. We make each one by hand. They cure for 14 hours and the temperature and humidity have to be perfect. To formulate our eye cream, we have to process our liquid silk and then we have to induce them into Microcapsule form, where the silk protein refolds itself to encapsulate both vitamin C and caffeine. This took us a long time to formulate. Then we carefully blend in the rosehip oil. All of this requires very careful attention to detail to achieve the final consistency. 

*To learn more about the process of silk, visit their website or their instagram.*

**I would like to thank the Silk Therapeutics team for sending over a few of their products for me to try out. It was very kind of them. The Silk team answers any questions you may have in a timely manner. I highly appreciate all the work they put into these products and making their customers happy.**

Now onto the review!!!


REFRESH Facial Cleanser

-I have been trying this product out this product for about a week and so far, so good. The consistency of this is thick, then turns thin the minute it touches your skin. It's almost magic when it does this. When you wash off the cleanser, the firming aspect of it appears then slowly turns your skin smooth and hydrated after 5 minutes of application. I did however follow this product up with their NURTURE+ Silk + E Intense Hydration which I will be talking about next. This cleanser does not have smell which I prefer sometimes because scented products can either irritate my skin or have too strong of a scent. If I had to rate this product form 1, being bad, to 10, being the best, I would have to choose 9! 

NURTURE+ Silk + E Intense Hydration:

-This probably has to be the best moisturizer I have ever tried, for real! First things first, I love how there is a pump built in for easy application. The second thing is, is this product has a thin consistency and soaks into your skin instantly. This moisturizer leaves your face feeling like a babies tush, for real! Everytime I apply this, I literally cannot stop touching my face. After application, it leaves my face a very pretty glow. It is as if I applied a natural highlighter all over my face. I rate this a 10!!!!

C ADVANCE Anti-Aging Intensive Serum:

-This product also has a pump built in. The consistency is thin, a bit sticky at first, and soaks right in making your skin feel smooth, soft, and firm. When you apply the NURTURE+ Silk + E Intense Hydration over the top, it felt really soft. I can't wait to try out this product more to see if I see any improvements with my skin and diminishing of wrinkles.

EYE REVIVE Brightening & Firming:

-With this product, you only need the smallest amount for both your under eyes. It soaks right in just like all the other products. My under eyes feel more hydrated, not sure if I feel much firming, but they look good. They used to feel dry, but not any more. It felt non-greasy and silky. (no pun attended ;) )

RENEWING PEEL Weekly Rejuvenation:

-First things first, this product smells heavenly! It is infused with Lemongrass oil and it smells just like that. It smells like lemon bars with a hint of nature. The consistency is chunky and thin. It soaks right in and after 5-10min, you wash it off. The peel leaves my skin a bit tacky but still looking fresh and glorious. All these products for the most part brought my skin back to life and looks healthy. I rate this an 8!

Overall, these products are OUTSTANDING! My skin has never looked this healthy ever. I will keep using these products and I bet you, I will most likely repurchase some of these products or more! If you want your skin to look its best, you got to try this! Best ever! 

                           Before Silk                                                      After Silk

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed! 

Mwah <3,