• Mia Johnson

5 Fall Transition Pieces

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because the air becomes crisper, cozy cardigans and sweaters start appearing, my boots come out of hiding, and best of all, I can start bringing out my fall scented candles and decor. I also can't forget, my 5 Days of Fall starts up again very soon, so stay tuned!

Today is the time where I start sharing with you all 5 transition pieces for fall. You can go from summer, to fall real quick! Fall is in the air and so are my clothes. These 5 clothing pieces won't be a shock to you, but they will stand out in the crowd this upcoming fall season. Fall is in 13 days! Who's pumped?!

Here are 5 transition pieces you will love this fall season!

Anything Plaid:

Honestly, plaid reminds me so much of fall because I think of lumberjacks and them cutting down trees, fall trees. Plaid is a versatile pattern and can be paired with anything. One of my favorites ways to incorporate plaid into my wardrobe is in a top or flannel. You can pair flannels with jeans, shorts, skirts, basically anything! Other ways I see plaid is in cardigans, skirts, dresses, and I sometimes see them in jeans. Whatever your style is, most likely they make a clothing piece that interests you in plaid print. Shop my similar top here.


Scarves are perfect for Fall, and even winter. They keep your neck warm in colder seasons and are super stylish. As a blogger and following other bloggers on social media, I see them wearing scarves and pairing it so well with their outfits. I mainly see it paired with jeans, boots, a tee, and cardigan, but once again, whatever your style is, try to incorporate a scarf into your outfit. There are many styles and ways to wear them, so you won't have a hard time finding your style. Shop my scarves here (same scarf, different pattern) and here.


Boots are perfect paired with anything your heart desires! They are perfect with leggings, jeans, skirts, dresses, basically everything! There are over the knee boots, booties, riding boots, cow(girl/boy) boots and many others. Any type of boot is perfect for fall. I love pairing mine with boot socks and having them peek out from the top! Shop my similar booties here.


You seriously cannot go wrong with a cardigan. It's basically a blanket that can go anywhere you go. There are many patterns and styles. Some of my favorite cardigans are the regular style and the duster kind. Cardigans keep you so warm during those cold days and they are stylish too! Shop my cardigan here (available only in white) and similar (same brand) here.


Since I follow other blogging babes on instagram, I see a majority of their fall outfits containing hats! They keep your head warm while you look stylish all at the same time. You can go wrong with this accessory because everyone looks good in them. There are many styles of "Fall" hats, but my favorite style is the cow(girl/boy) hat. I feel like a hat just completes your fall look. It's super good for those that wear floppy hats during summer and want to transition into more of a fall styled one. This hat is actually from Wyoming, but click here for a similar one.

Will you be wearing any of these things as you transition from Summer to Fall? If so, tag me on instagram (@sweetlifeofmia) so I can see your cute looks or email me photos! I would love to see your fall transition outfit!

Mwah <3,