• Mia Johnson

Top Fall Lip Products

Hi everyone. I am sorry for being so M.I.A., I actually wanted to take some time for myself and focus on school work and family. I am officially back to blogging and I am SO excited!!!

Today I will sharing some of my favorite lippies that I know you will love as well. If you have any favorite lippies besides mine, be sure to leave below or on my Instagram so that we all can share your obsession.



-The first nude shade I would like to share has been my holy grail for years and it is the Nars Lip Gloss in Chihuahua. Its a pretty mauve pink shade that is a bit sheer so it's perfect for any season. This lip gloss is also perfect for fall because it is a gloss so that won't dry your lips out more with the cold weather, and also for the mauve tone. This formula is in no way sticky, it is actually very buttery and smooth with tons of shine! They also have tons of beautiful shades, if this one is not for you.

-If you prefer a nude lip, in a lipstick form, the Milani Lipstick in Nude Crème is PERFECT for you! Its the perfect nude and works with many skintones. The lipstick itself is very creamy, not streaky, affordable, and smells AMAZING! I can't put my finger on what it smells like, but you would love the scent as well.

-If you like the shade that the lipstick is in but prefer a matte liquid lipstick, Jouer Lip Crème in Crème Brulee is for you! The shade is a pink undertone and also flatters many skintones. I got this shade and the next one I will be sharing in a holiday set last year, but don't worry, they will have a new set coming this year if you have been curious about the line of lip crème. The formula is not sticky, drying, it is long lasting, and applies evenly. I wore another shade from the line for a musical and it lasted through sweat, food, and water.

-The last nude which is also in the Jouer Lip Crème collection is in the shade Noisette. It's the perfect brown toned nude. The reason why its perfect for fall is because the undertone is orange. When applying this, the shade looks just like crispy, brown leaves that used to be an orange tone for fall. You know, like when fall appears and turns the leaves into orange tones? Its that just after it has died. The formula is the same as Crème Brulee and both don't have a good scent; almost chemically. If the smell does not bother you, then the product is for you.


*These reds may look the same, but they have different finishes.*

-The first red is very different from the rest. The product is Kylie Cosmetics in Kristen. The reason why this shade I different than the rest because it is more of a subtle strawberry shade with a hint of rust. It looks amazing on and glides on evenly. The formula is like the rest; super pigmented, a bit drying, smells like vanilla cake, dries instantly, and is super long lasting. If you are not a fan of a blue tone red, this color is perfect for you!

-The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella is a true blue toned red. One swipe and the product is on. I love how this is a lipstick formula in a pencil form because the product is not drying and very easy to apply in the hard to reach parts of your lips. I don't only like this product as a lippie, I also like it as an eyeshadow. Sounds crazy, but during The Fourth of July, I was in need of a red eyeshadow but did not have one, so I reached for this. The pencil blends like a dream on your eyelid and stays put all day. I like to see this pencil as universal.

-If you don't like drying lip products, this product is also for you. The lip product is NYX Liquid Suede in Kitten Heels. The formula is velvety and creamy on the lips. However, this product does transfer, but it is affordable. It is very hard to find a blue toned red at an affordable price, but what you can do is unwrap a tissue, place on top of the product and apply powder. This will then make the product matte, but have the same velvety feel.

-The last red, you may have seen on my blog, is transfer-proof, waterproof, and long lasting. The product is D.E.N. Cosmetics Lock my Lips in Cherry Bomb. The product dual ended which means that the color is on one side and a gloss on the other. When applying, you have to allow the color to dry before adding the gloss on top. If you prefer a matte finish, allow the gloss to absorb and don't apply any more afterwards which makes the product matte. For more information on this product, click here.


-The Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in Jasmine is a sheer, glittery, plumping gloss. If you are the type who wants to wear a berry shade for fall, but don't want to have a strong, dark color on your lips, this is perfect! If you don't like a plumping effect on your lips, this is not for you, but you don't notice the tingling feel after a few moments if you are interested. As I said before, the gloss is sheer, but if you want the color to show up, wear a lip liner of your choice underneath and the pigment will show up. If tour lips are dry, this product will moisten and hydrate your lips.

- If you want a product that will hydrate your lips while being pigmented on your lips and long lasting, the LAQA & CO Lipstick in Co-Host will be your new fave. The lipstick contains avocado oil which is a really good natural oil for your skin which will hydrate your lips. The color is not a dark berry shade, its a bit muted. Perfect for those that want a good everyday berry shade that's not overally dark and lasts all day. Click here for a full in depth review on this lipstick.

-This lip product is fairly new and I got to test it out after it launched (review coming very soon). The product is the LAQA & CO Cloud Lips in Storm. This is a lipstick that is the perfect berry shade. It does have uneven pigmentation, but after going over the spot a few times, it becomes even. FYI: It is very hard to formulate a berry shade, so it will be like any other dark lippie, uneven. It is not drying and is very long-lasting.

-I do have another Kylie Cosmetics product and this is in Leo. This however, is formulated correctly. It's very dark and vampy. Not sticky, bit drying, long lasting, and has pigment. Also has the same vanilla cake scent as Kristen.


*These lip products are perfect for fall, but don't fit in any of these 3 categories.*

-The L'oreal Infallible Paints in Nude Star does not fit in any category because it is more mauve than the Nars gloss and is not red or berry. This shade is unique. This is a liquid lipstick that does not dry down nor is matte, its more of a thick gloss. The applicator allows the product to get into the creases of your lips and get the color everywhere. It has a really good scent, like a raspberry. This is also pigmented and a bit sticky.

-This color is really out there and does not belong in berry because of the bright purple color. It is the NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Berry Strudel. It has the word 'berry' in it, but the color is bright. The first reason why I bought this was because I wanted to try out a vibrant color and second is that this gloss is affordable so if I didn't end up liking, it was not expensive. I ended up really liking it because its good for Halloween and when you are in the mood for a unique, vibrant color that looks great on everyone. It does transfer however because it is a gloss, but there are many tricks on the web on how you can prevent that. Highly recommend.

-Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick in Out Loud is what I like to call, "The most perfect fall shade ever!" Fall reminds me of the burnt orange tones and this is exactly that. The color is burnt orange, pigmented, long lasting, and one of the best liquid lipstick formula on the market. This was very hard to get my hands on at first, but now its available everywhere so you won't have any difficulties trying it out. If you do find it, get it!!!! You will not regret this perfect fall shade.

-The last shade is Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere. I first saw this shade on Witney Carson on Dancing with the Stars, and I knew right away, I have to have it! Its the perfect cool toned grey that is perfect for any season and looks good on everyone, all of these do! The formula is very liquid-y, but dries into a long lasting matte. I definitely need to try out their other colors because this formula is amazing!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Mwah <3,