• Mia Johnson

4 Makeup Looks Using The New Winky Lux Palette and Laqa & Co Lips

After receiving the Winky Lux Kitten Palette before the launch date and the Laqa & Co Cloud Lips, I knew right away I needed to review these products differently by creating 4 different makeup looks. This palette is very versatile and you can combine any shades together and it will still look great! I used all the shades in the palette so that I could break down all the colors and share my thoughts. I did end up swatching all the shades of eyeshadows here:

and some did end up to be pigmented and some, not so much. As for the lips pictured here:

one swipe and there was PIGMENT! Just what I love in lip products. I always hate going back in and adding more color to the spots that were uneven or patchy.

Let's start with my favorite: Bronze!


-When I first saw the palette, the bronze shimmer screamed at me so I knew I had to create a look using the shimmer as the main shadow. I started off putting on eyeshadow primer then going in with Duchess which is a perfect cream color shade to set my primer with. Taking a crease brush, I went into Strut. This shade swatched on my arm was very pigmented, but was more subtle when applied to the eyes. I went in multiple times with two different brushes: one compact and one fluffy, to get the pigment to show up in the crease. The next shade is Boots. I applied this using a more defined pencil brush in the outer "v" of my eye. I loved the pigmentation this shade had, but the problem was, this shade was pretty hard to blend out and distribute along the outer "v". Once I kept having to apply multiple coats, I got to the look I was expecting. For the middle of the lid, I went into a flat brush and went into the shade Cateye. This shade was AMAZING! It was super pigmented and I felt as though I didn't need to wet my brush before-hand like I do with my other metallic shades to prevent fallout. Cateye had no fallout and stayed put. I then added Daydream from the LAQA & Co Cloud Lips. This color is a super pretty mauve, pink shade. I thought this shade was going to be more of a nude shade like the packaging, but wasn't. Just keep in mind that the shades are not identical to the packaging. This look turned out perfect after having a long period of time blending out the matte shades and the lip looked great with this eye look.


-Lately I have been so into holographic and was so excited when Team Winky Lux decided to add a holo-shade. For this look, I was going for more of a unicorn vibe with a bright pink lip. To start, I used Duchess over the primer and added Strut as my transition in the crease. In the crease, I also added Purr which is a very pretty pink shimmer shade. Then in the outer "v", I added Boots again and 9 Lives. 9 Lives was just like boots, very hard to distribute and blend out without being too sheer or getting patchy. I did have to add multiple coats until the shade in the pan showed up on my eyes. For holographic, it was very pretty applied to my arm and the holo showed up well, but on the lid the holo did not translate well. I tried adding setting spray to my flat brush like I do with my other shimmer shades that have a hard time showing up, but this technique made it worse. When adding the spray, the color got patchy and uneven. I just wish that the color I got on my arm translated to my eyes, but sadly it did not. However, applying with your fingers seemed to work for me, but since I already added the eye shadow wet on my lid, the shadow on my finger would not stick. Stray away from setting spray with this color, apply with your finger instead and pack it on.

-I then applied Cherub on my lips which is a very pretty Barbie/bubblegum pink shade. Applied very creamy and one swipe, it went on well. The tip on the stick was a little hard to get on the outsides of your lips, so I do wish this had a pointy end. That is my only complaint on this lip collection. Other than that, I was in love! To add more holo, I went into Winky Lux Glossy Boss in Unicorn Tears. The gloss did not smear Cherub every wear and make it patchy, it instead did not mess up any of the color underneath.

Old Hollywood

-I got the inspiration for this look when I saw Sunshower from the Cloud Lip collection. I did the look exactly the same as the bronze look, but instead, I grabbed a different shimmer shade. I replaced Cateye with Purr for the inner part of the lid. Purr was very pretty on the eye. I do wish there was a black shade in the palette so that this look would look more dark and smokey. Instead of black, I just used Boots. I applied some liner then applied Sunshower. Same as Daydream, the color was the same as the packaging. The packaging looked like the shade would be red, but the shade turned out to be a dark pink shade. I am not mad at the shade, but I did have to go into a red lip liner underneath so that I could make Sunshower turn more of an intense red shade.


-The last look is Vampy. When I saw the burgundy shades and the dark purple lip, I knew I HAD to do a dark look. I started off with both Duchess and Strut. Then, I went into Chesire and added a little bit to my crease since the shade was more sheer than I expected. I did add this to my outer "V" because I noticed that this shade does build up to be more pigmented, but hard to blend out. I added a tiny bit of boots and focused that only on the outer "V" to darken that up a bit. After, I went into Romeo which a dark bronze/purple shade and put that all over the lid. Tip: I would recommend not to use setting spray with this shade because it went on sheer, do apply with your fingers or a dense brush. I made the mistake of putting setting spray and it did not turn out the way I expected. Last but not least, Storm. I thought that this shade was brown because the packaging had a brown tint, but once I swatched, it turned out to be a dark purple. It did turn out a bit patchy, but that is very normal with a dark lip shade. I did have to go over the color a bit to make it even.

Overall, I had some hits and misses with this palette, but my favorites are Duchess, Strut, Cateye and Purr. After using these shades over and over again, I found myself loving them more than I initially thought. Even though I don't like all the shades, you may end up liking them more and fall in love. As for the lips, I enjoyed all them and I will continue using all the shades. Even though Storm was patchy, I still love it!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Mwah <3,