• Mia Johnson

Interviews: Rachna Khatau

Hi everyone! Welcome to my second ever interview for my blog! After watching Rachna play Sondra on "Baby Daddy" and Principal Karen on "Bizaardvark", I knew, I had to interview her. Rachna is an amazing actress with such great acting skills, I was blown away. I also had the opportunity to talk face-to-face with her through FaceTime and hear her story of becoming an actress in her own words, instead of just reading about it. Also, Rachna is so, so kind and super easy to talk to (especially since I was nervious!!!!)

Grab a snack and enjoy!

M: Why did you decide to pursue acting?

R: I’m not sure I did! What I mean is, you’ve probably heard from a lot of artists that “it chooses them.” Well, it’s kind of true! I’ve had many other jobs, but creating characters and performing always felt like my calling, and it’s what I always found my way back to until I finally stopped fighting it and started acting full time.

M: What was your first ever acting job?

R: My first ever acting gig was a park district play when I was 5-years-old! It wasn’t a paid gig, but it was the first time I got up in front of an audience. I totally froze and forgot my one line. Lol. My first paid acting gig was for a regional theatre near Chicago, where I understudied the role of Tuptim in The King and I. I was so excited to work at that theatre because Sean Hayes had performed there when he was in Chicago, and at the time he was on Will & Grace, which was one of my favorite shows – somehow being employed there felt like a big step toward being a working actor!

M: If you weren't an actress, what would you have been?

R: Probably a journalist. I have a master’s degree in journalism, and I have great respect for investigative journalists and good interviewers. I love meeting new people and learning about new things.

M: What was it like to act on Baby Daddy?

R: Baby Daddy was such a fantastically fun set to work on! The cast and crew felt like a family, and there was always a lot of laughter on set. It was a very supportive environment, and I think that’s why everyone did such great work that seemed to translate into every episode. Fans would always say how real the relationships felt on screen and how it looked like we were all having fun, and it’s because we were! They were so great to my character, Sondra, too! They kept giving her all these great story lines, which were really fun for me to play.

M: What is the cast like?

R: They’re all genuinely awesome people! They all have great comedic timing and play really well off of each other. I loved having so many scenes with Tahj because he is absolutely hysterical. And in addition to being talented, they’re all truly lovely human beings.

M: Who inspired you to become an actress?

R: There are so many actresses that I admire and look up to, but I think my family was always my biggest inspiration. They supported my passion and my decision to pursue the arts from a very early age, and I don’t think I’d have gotten this far without that support.

M: What is your favorite color?

R: I tend to gravitate toward blues!

M: Watching you star on Bizaardvark, you were hilarious. Was that role hard for you to play or did it come naturally?

R: Thank you so much. The role of Principal Karen is so much fun to play. It hasn’t been hard at all because I just try to have fun with her. She’s a big personality who just wants to inspire (and be BFFs with!) her students. Lol.

M: What is the cast like on Bizaardvark?

R: The cast on Bizaardvark is awesome. It’s amazing to see actors their age being both hilarious and super professional at the same time. They all bring something special to the show, and it’s clear they all have long, bright careers ahead of them!

M: What other shows or movies have you starred on?

R: I’ve worked on sitcoms, soap operas, dramas, single camera comedies, films, web series, commercials, and in theatre! Phew! That’s part of what’s wonderful about being an actor -- getting to work in a variety of mediums.

M: What has been your favorite show you starred on?

R: I’d have to say Baby Daddy because I worked on that show the most and had the opportunity to get the closest to that cast and crew. I spent the most time over the years playing that character, so I have a special place for Baby Daddy and Sondra in my heart.

M: What do you like to do in your free time?

R: I love traveling, food, and spending time with my family and friends. When I can combine those things, that’s my favorite way to spend my free time.

M: Do you ever hang out with any of the co-stars from the shows you're on outside of filming?

R: Yeah! There are always wrap parties, which are a celebration of a whole season of work, so people are excited to let loose and have a good time!

M: What piece of advice would you give to young women who want to pursue acting?

R: Surround yourself with supportive family and friends, study your craft, and remember to have fun! It’s a tough business with a lot of rejection, but it can be extremely fulfilling. Try not to let the “no’s” get you down. If you love performing, find ways to perform, create your own content, do improv, anything! Just get up on a stage and play!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Mwah <3,