• Mia Johnson

Review: Daily Concepts

Hi everyone! I'm back with another review! And this time, we will be talking about spa tools and scrubbers, that help cleanse your face and body. The brand is called Daily Concepts. They are sold at Ulta, Pharmaca (in store), Amazon, Daily Concepts, and many other retailers. Their products are very inexpensive and I love how there is a tag that once the writing wears off, means you need to replace the product (Pictured below)

Here are my thoughts on 2 of their scrubbers.

Your Facial Micro Scrubber

-First off, I love how the product comes with a suction cup so that you can put the product back inside its original packaging and suction it to the wall to dry.

The first time I used this product, I realized I used it wrong. I took the outside of the washcloth off thinking you used whats inside the little pouch, but instead, you are supposed to keep the pouch on and put your fingers inside to scrub your face with the pouch (The pictures below should show the right and wrong way to use this product).

The pouch has a rough, but gentle side for exfoliating, and a smooth side to cleanse. This product is very gentle and I love using my daily cleansers and exfoliators on the scrubber. This product is super gentle and will leave your face feeling like a baby's butt! Who doesn't love that?!

Your Back Scrubber

-I honestly love how huge this product is!! You could clean your whole back or stomach with this scrubber, thats how big it is!

You can also fold it into thirds and keep it together with the rope loop at one of the ends.

I love to use this to exfoliate my legs after shaving them and also to clean my arms and exfoliate my whole body. Also, after wearing heels, I like to soak my feet and use this scrubber to take off the dead skin. This is not as gentle as the facial one, it is more rough, but not hurtful. I like to use Cetaphil and a body exfoliator to cleanse clean my body with. This also comes with the same suction cup and tag as the facial scrubber.

Overall, I love both products and I can picture myself using these daily. I also love to use the suction cups and place them in the bath so that I can access them easily in both the shower and obviously the bath as well.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Mwah <3,