• Mia Johnson

Morning's with Newsette

Hi everyone! Every morning I love waking up to a new email from Newsette letting me know about their recent posts. The creator, Daniella Pierson, wanted to make a blogging forum to inspire women and give people the opportunity to read multiple newsletters in one email. I enjoy the fashion and lifestyle aspect of the website. Today is the day Newsette (a fashion, beauty, lifestyle newsletter) publishes their new website! What I love about their website is that I can learn ways to improve my beauty and fashion skills while reading about celebrity news. If Cosmopolitan and Vogue had a baby, this would be the child! I enjoy all three equally, well maybe this one more ;)

*This post is in collaboration with Newsette. These are all my honest opinions, so keep that in mind*

A week ago, I was able to sign in and view Newsette's new website to check it out before writing this post. My first thought was, WOW! I fell in love the white and pink aesthetic and the clean simplicity of the website. The new website is much easier to navigate than the last version and I appreciate how user-friendly it is.

I love how the first thing I saw was an interview with Katia Beauchamp who created Birchbox. The reason why I loved this was because I recently started a new series on "Interviews with Inspiring Figures" and I love seeing other websites doing the same. I feel like it is important to teach one another about inspiring women today that are encouraging and created something that became popular. This just shows you that anyone can accomplish anything they set their heart out to. I love supporting small businesses and people that encourage others to do the same.

The next thing I saw was a collaboration with Molly's Best on wellness and a morning routine featuring business owners/bloggers. It is really interesting to read about others take on health and wellness. Also, I love reading about unique morning routines so I can find ways to make time for family and for myself. I enjoyed Tyler Haney's morning routine because I learned about new beauty products that I haven't heard of before that Tyler swears by and uses every morning. I have been looking into the Glossier Cloud Paints but I have been hesitant. Now after reading Tyler mention how it gives you a "natural flush", I may have to purchase.

The last things that I really enjoyed reading were Q & A's with Newsette's subscribers/readers. Today's Q&A hosted thoughts on Taylor Swift's new album. My opinion on that is, I have been a fan of Taylor from the beginning and I love seeing how she grew her career in singing and allowing us to see a new side of her. She went from Country to Pop, to more of a rocker side. The other thing I liked was how they feature different blogger's photos on each post to share the love. It gives me an opportunity to learn about other bloggers and get inspiration from them, as well as give the bloggers a follow.

Overall, I think Newsette is a great newsletter and I get excited to check my inbox to see their daily emails. I highly recommend that you all to subscribe to Newsette and become obsessed like me! Trust me, you won't regret it!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Mwah <3,