• Mia Johnson

Holiday Drinks That Will Wow Your Guests

Sip, Sip, Hooray! When it comes to Hanukkah nights and Christmas mornings in my household, the best thing is to open presents while sipping a little somethin', somethin'. I concocted some of my favorite mocktails (because underage drinker right here) that you can easily replace the soda/water with an alcohol of your choice. Plus, you can doll up the glass of your choice (ideas below) to make it festive and taste amazing!

The Grinch Punch

*I found the original recipe from*

Original Recipe:

-13 oz packet of unsweetened Lemon-Lime Kool aid

-2 cups sugar

-12 oz can of pineapple juice

-12 oz of frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

-1/2 liter of Sprite


-Red sanding sugar for glass trim

My Twist to the Recipe:

-1 drop of green food coloring or the Kool-aid

-6 fl. oz of pineapple juice




-green sanding sugar.

My Directions:

1. Dip the mason jar into a bowl of water

2. Immediately roll the rim of the glass that was placed in water, into the sprinkles

3. Pour in the 6 fl. oz can of pineapple juice into the glass

4. Fill a 1/3 of the glass with lemonade

5. Fill another third of the glass up with Sprite

6. Add either the Kool-aid or food coloring

7. Add 3-4 cubes of ice into the glass

8. Voila! You have created the Grinch Punch!

*For those 21+, you can replace the sprite with either champagne or rum*

Raspberry Sparkling

*I found the original recipe on*

Original Recipe:

-Frozen raspberry lemonade concentrate

-3 cups of cold water

-Frozen raspberries (or fresh work too)

-Sparkling white grape juice

My Recipe:

-1/4 cup of raspberry lemonade

-1/4 cup of water

-Handful of fresh raspberries

-1/3 cup of Martinelli's juice

My Directions:

1. Taking a glass of your choice, take the handful of raspberries and place inside the glass

2. Pour in the lemonade, water, and juice

3. Stir and enjoy!

*For those 21+, you can replace the juice with champagne and take out the water*

Cranberry Lime Spritzer

*The original recipe is from*

Original Recipe:

-5 ounces (half a container) of frozen limeade concentrate

-64 ounces cranberry juice

-2 liter bottle lemon-lime soda

-fresh cranberries

-lime slices

My Recipe:

-1/2 cup of cranberry juice

-1/2 cup of Sprite

-Splash of lime La Croix

-Lime wedge for the glass trim

My Directions:

1. Taking the cranberry juice and Sprite, I poured both into a smaller mason jar

2. I took the La Croix and added a splash of the lime flavor

3. I cut a lime into a small wedge and placed on the trim of the glass

4. Stir and enjoy

*21+, you can replace the sprite with vodka*

Candy Cane Drink

*Found the original recipe on*

Original Recipe:

-32 oz 100% pomegranate juice

-2 cups sugar

-2 8oz can of sparkling water, Lime La Croix, Orange and Cran-Raspberry are great too

-8 candy canes


My Recipe:

-1/4 cup of pomegranate juice

- Tablespoon of Lime La Croix

-5 mini candy canes

My Directions:

1. I took a clear ornament and cleaned the inside of it

2. Taking the mini candy canes, poured them inside a ziplock bag and crushed them up finely and used a funnel to pour it into an ornament

3. Taking the La Croix, pomegranate juice, and funnel, I poured it into the funnel and into the ornament

4. When you are done mixing the contents, the cute ornament drink is all done!

*21+, you can replace the La Croix with vodka*

Candy Crush

*Original Recipe is from*

**I can't find the original recipe because she gives many ideas. I linked it above in the link**

My Recipe:

-Fill the glass with Martinelli's or whatever other sparkling juice you prefer

-4 gummy bears (You could replace 3 of the gummy bears with a sugar stick if you prefer)


My Directions:

1.Taking a champagne flute glass, dip the rim in water and dip into your sprinkles. (I tried Pop Rocks, and with the moisture from the water, they wouldn't stick to the glass. I recommend the sprinkles instead).

2. Take 1 gummy bear, make a slit into it, and place on the rim of the glass

3. Take the other 3 gummy bears and skewer them

4. Place the skewered gummy bears and place inside glass

5. Fill the glass up with the sparkling juice of your choice (I used Martinelli's)

6. You are now all done!

*Those 21+, you can replace the sparkling juice with champagne*

These recipes are super easy to make, for both kids and adults, and is cost effective since you use multiple of the ingredients over again. If you are a child, be sure to get a parents help/supervision.

Thank you so much for reading and lets sip our way to the New Year!

Mwah <3,