• Mia Johnson

Museum Of Ice Cream Recap

Hi everyone! Happy New Year and I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! I am slowly getting back into the swing of things, since it was a little hectic afterwards. For those that followed me along on Instagram stories in December, you would have noticed a LOT of photos I took while visiting the Museum Of Ice Cream.

For those that don't know what Museum Of Ice Cream is, it's original location is in LA and recently they opened up a pop-up in San Francisco (which I visited) and a pop up in Miami which is still open. Museum Of Ice Cream is exactly what it sounds like, it is a museum that has different exhibits dedicated to a certain historical theme and/or popular ice cream toppings. In each of the exhibits, you will receive an ice cream that goes along with the theme of the room (which y'all will find out what I mean shortly). The tickets do sell out fast and are limited for the San Francisco location and is currently sold out as of now, so if you're interested in checking out this museum, visit the LA location since the tickets are for year round and have more tickets available.

Bring on the: ICE, ICE, Baby ;)

When you first walk in, you get into small groups based on the time you bought for the day, ours was noon. We had a group leader who named our group "5 before 12", clever right?! You will then take a right which leads you to a room with a vault and historical facts about ice cream which includes how Barack Obama's first job was working at an ice cream shop. Fun Fact, this museum's location used to be an old bank so the museum kept some historical features such as the vault and incorporated it with the museum itself.

The next room you enter has raffle tickets as the flooring with pink and white striped walls. When you continue walking you enter a ring toss game using rings and whipped cream bottles as the props for the game. They also had a "photo booth" type thing that my mom and I did which was also fun.

The next exhibit you enter looked like a diner with a juke box and cd's up on the walls. They also had a diner bar where they serve you Peach Bellini Ice Cream! The ice cream was pink with actual peach pieces topped with popping candy!!! Seriously was one of my favorite ice creams ever!

Once you finished the ice cream, you move onto the magnet room. They have letter shaped magnets where you can write things out with to show you were there, similar to the autograph walls some bars/sandwich places have. When you are done playing with the magnets, they were serving mochi. You had a choice of strawberry, chocolate brownie, and cookies & cream. I had the cookies & cream (AMAZING) and my mom had the strawberry which was equally as delicious.

As soon as you turn the corner, they had a cotton candy stand which was cherry flavored, this resembled the next exhibit. The next exhibit consisted of hanging cherries and clouds, as well as a huge cherry statue. The walls were covered in cherry wallpaper. It was still even though you can't touch the cherries.

As soon as you walk out, you enter the candy room (no treats here). It was cool to see all of the candy sculptures.

Next is the ice cream/ice pop room (once again, no treats). They had wallpaper that resembled an ice cream trucks treat prices. They also had ice pops hanging on the wall (can you tell I was eager to figure out how to take the ice pop off the wall and take home with me?!). The ice pops were also on the ground so you can use it as a bench.

Before you turn into my favorite room ever, there was a mini wall where it looked like a crystal was being reflected onto the wall.

As you turn, you enter the rainbow unicorn room!! This is when dreams come true! They had a huge unicorn statue with rainbow wallpaper. Even though I had difficulties getting onto the unicorn, the picture was worth it. When done with the unicorn, they served mini soft serves. these were in a mini cone dipped in chocolate and filled with vanilla soft serve. When done, they also had a small mirror room. When I say small, I MEAN small!! Only 2 people could fit in it at a time and you can't even stand up, thats how small it was.

Next, there was a pop rock room. Yes you heard me right, POP ROCK ROOM!!! They passed out candy cane pop rocks (because of the holiday season) only if you would do a little dance. I of course did the sprinkler and shopping cart ;). After the dancing, you walk into the exhibit which contained rock like sculptures. So cute and so fun!

Okkk, remember when I said the unicorn one was my favorite? This is a close 1st! Welcome to the sprinkle bath!!!! They have you take off your shoes then you can do whatever you want in the sprinkles: take photos, lay there, chit chat, whatever! I loved this so much because the main reason why I wanted to visit the Museum of Ice Cream was so that I could experience the sprinkle bath. It was so fun, except, as soon as I took off my jeans at home, tons of sprinkles came flying out all over my room HAHA! That was fun cleaning up.

When you are done with the bath, there were swings. One had whipped cream bottles as the back drop, and the second was yellow with pink bananas hanging down. There wasn't much else to do at the swings but take pictures.

When you're done, there was the gift shop. Just when I thought I was done with ice cream, there was an ice cream shop! The flavors were Piñata and Sprinkle Pool. I got the Sprinkle Pool! Holy Moly that was delicious! There were chunks of animal cookies and there were sprinkles. For $3, this was so worth it! We walked around the gift shop and bought some caramel sauces to bring home and try out.

That is it for the adventure at Museum of Ice Cream!

Overall, I had a blast! It was an experience you would never forget. If/when the tickets do come back in stock, don't think, just go!! You won't regret this amazing experience. Now, I really want to visit the LA location since some exhibits are different.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed. Now I'm off to go find myself some ice cream, this post is making me hungryyyyy.

Mwah <3.