• Mia Johnson

Review: Pop Your Pup

Do you have a pet you love so dearly and considered getting his/her face somewhere on your body? No? Just me? Well, after this post I hope I change your opinion to get your pet's face placed onto you, but if not, well at least you can get a portrait of your pet to hung somewhere in your house. I have always wanted either a necklace with my pup, Macy's, paw print, or a tattoo that said 'Macy' or a t-shirt. When I heard about Pop Your Pup, I instantly HAD to contact them to work with me here on the blog. Once I got in contact, I was able to work with Laava and get a tank made to promote and show y'all.

It is super easy to get your pup's face turned into a pop art on either a shirt or a canvas. Hence the name, 'Pop Your Pup'. Once you get onto their site, you decide between either a shirt or canvas. If you choose a shirt, you get the option between different styles of shirts; either tank, crewneck, v-neck, or crop top. (You get to also choose between women, men, or kids styled shirt). Once you choose the shirt style, you upload a photo of your pets face and within a day, Pop Your Pup will send you your pet's pop art against all of the background choices. Then, you will decide which backdrop you like best and they will send you the shirt. This also applies to the canvas, you upload the photo then you get sent the pop art against the backgrounds. I chose the 'DOGUE' backdrop because. Vogue. Dogue. Get it? If not, don't worry. I actually got asked the other day if 'DOGUE' was French for 'Dog'. It's ok, some people have not been exposed to Vogue. I didn't know about Vogue until 2 years ago. Here's a french lesson for ya, Dog is french for Chien. I don't speak french, so I asked my friend the Google Translator who helped me out. Anyways, Vogue is a fashion magazine and I'm guessing 'Dogue' is dog fashion...right?

Anyhow, after I received my tank, my whole family were wanting one for themselves. That's how well they pop arts turn out. (My mom right now is still mentioning how she is waiting for me to buy her one haha!) I was impressed how well the pop arts looked identical to Macy! And, it looks great on a tank to show off how adorable your pet is, because who doesn't want compliments?! Oh and also, the only way I could get Macy to do this shoot was obviously by holding a Milkbone because this girl is camera shyyyy. (as seen below)

What are you waiting for?! Did I convince you yet? Well good, go get your pet's face on your body, or in your home, or both because why not?

Happy shopping!

Mwah <3,