• Mia Johnson

Why T-Shirt Dresses Are The Best

Gap Dress // Jacket // Vince Sandals // Tote // Sunglasses

I saw everywhere that t-shirt dresses are becoming a thing again and I am LOVING IT! I am all about the comfy clothes. Yesterday I put on my first t-shirt dress of the season and I'm sure the family that was laughing at me for taking a pic and the UPS man thought I was cray cray! But heyyy, what the heck! Here's why I love t-shirt dresses!

#1: You can wear t-shirt dresses basically anywhere bc shirt dresses are versatile. I betcha will see everyone jumping onto the trend train of t-shirt dresses

#2: You can dress down t-shirt dresses by simply tying a jacket around your waist, wearing a cute pair sandals, wearing a cross body bag, or tote!

#3: You can dress up for a night out by wearing a moto jacket, dark lip, and heels!

That is it! Who's joining me on this trend?!

Mwah <3,