• Mia Johnson

Interviews with Inspiring Figures: Marissa Guccione

Hi everyone! This post is in collaboration with Gigi from FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. We have teamed up with Marissa Guccione who attended FIDM and now owns her own interior design business, Guccione Designs. She was kind enough to answer questions regarding FIDM and her interior design company with us all! I hope you enjoy!

Images: Guccione Design Concepts & Marissa Guccione

Mia: How did you decide to attend FIDM?

Marissa: A representative came into my high school and was telling us about the school and all the different programs, and I knew I wanted to be an interior designer since I was eight years old…so I was sold!

M: Gigi told me you studied interior design and now you have your own design firm. How did you decide to open your own firm?

M: I did! I decided to do so after being approached by a few prospective clients right after I graduated, so I took a leap of faith and decided to go right into doing my own thing.

M: What was your experience like at FIDM?

M: FIDM was an absolute dream! A very difficult dream, but the best experience of my life.

M: I will be starting applications to FIDM next year for either social media or interior design. What location did you attend and were you satisfied with the location?

M: I attended both Orange County and LA campus. Both were great, just completely different atmospheres. I loved the OC campus, it was a little less intimidating and I felt like the teachers were more hands on and involved with helping every single student succeed.

M: If you remember, what was the application process like to attend FIDM? This would be for interior design.

M: I remember the process being very detailed, but so so fun. It further assured me that I was doing what I was meant to do.

M: Who inspires you in life? This can be anywhere from personal lessons to interior design to opening your own firm.

M: I am so inspired by so many! Honestly, I was inspired by my dad mostly because he introduced me to the industry and always encouraged my individuality. It just seemed like the right decision to make after school.

M: What is one piece of advice you would give someone who wants to either attend FIDM or open their own business?

M: ENJOY THE PROCESS. It is the time when you learn and grow the most, which is so important to give yourself enough time to do...especially when you are the boss and people are looking to you for decisions!

M: What is your favorite color?

M: Tough question! That changes constantly. I would have to say blue though...or yellow. Very close tie.

M: What is your favorite thing about interior design?

M: My favorite part about interior design is the fact that I get to help people make their houses into the homes that memories are created within. People always want a strong sense of "home" and I am able to create that with people. Incredible rewarding.

M: What is your favorite food and why?

M: Mexican food! I love anything spicy and cheesy.

M: What was the process like to create your own design firm?

M: My process might have been a tad unconventional. I really didn't have anyone I could ask questions to. I did a ton of research myself and reached out to designers that I love to pick their brain about their businesses. I also watched a ton of YouTube videos on filing different paperwork and did online workshops through various instagrammers.

M: What have you learned in life since opening up your firm?

M: So much. FIDM did all the ground work, but the work experience taught me way more than I ever thought possible. I also had to learn that good things take time and to not be discouraged if things change or do not happen on my time frame.

M: What was one thing you loved most about FIDM?

M: I loved that I was encouraged to have my own style and I was taught to think completely different. A designer and a homeowner have to think entirely different things, and FIDM taught me how to be a designer, not a decorator. Anyone can make a space look pretty, but it takes a true designer to make it function and perform the way a client wants and needs it to.

Huge thanks to Gigi and Marissa for teaming up with me on this post!

I hope you all enjoyed!