• Mia Johnson

Interviews With Inspiring Figures: Jax

Hey everyone! I have teamed up with Gigi from FIDM, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, to share with you inspiring figures who attended FIDM and took the skills they learned to create their own businesses. Today, we have teamed up with Jax who is well known for being on American Idol and balancing her singing career with attending school at FIDM.

I was fortunate enough to have a phone conversation with Jax who was wiling to answer questions about future FIDM students and her career as a well known singer.

Here is a video clip from American Idol for reference:

Video Credit: American Idol on YouTube

*The answers are edited due this interview being a phone conversation.*

Mia: What was your experience like at FIDM? Was it a good fit for you?

Jax: This is my first year at FIDM and I am onto my second semester. This was a last minute decision and I have always been into social media.

M: For all your young fans and those that want to potentially be on American Idol, what advice would you give to your fans?

J: Once you pick your craft, practice it. I recommend reading Outliers to master your craft and do not stop working. Don't give up.

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M: What made you decide to major in social media at FIDM?

J: I started at age 11 and have been working on social media since I was young. My career in social media grew after American Idol and became a business once verified on social media.

M: How did you get into singing? Did it start when you were a child? Do you enjoy singing?

J: I was always singing and I did a lot of musicals as a child. I moved from New Jersey to New York to be in a garage band and to be on Disney. My singing career grew into Rock n' Roll. My first record came when I was 14 and I auditioned to be on American Idol when I was 18.

Photo: Jax's Instagram

M: How has your life changed since American Idol?

J: I have been traveling around the world and American Idol gave me a platform. I can't leave the house without people recognizing me.

M: I saw you came out with a new album. Can you give me some more information?

J: It is a collab with a close friend, Nash Overstreet. The title is Back on My Bulls**t.

Photo: Jax's Instagram

M: What social media outlet do you use the most?

J: I would say Instagram. I check Instagram in the morning and it replaces Snapchat. Instagram is the largest platform afterall!

Photo: Jax's Instagram

M: What was your favorite place you have traveled on tour outside of the U.S.?

J: I would say Sweden, China, and Shanghai.

M: How is China different than the U.S. touring wise?

J: Asia is really weird and cool! Everyone knows who I am because American Idol is a nationwide broadcasting outlet.

M: What brands have you worked with since American Idol?

J: I haven't worked with many brands other than influencing for FIDM.

M: Back to FIDM, I will begin the application process this summer. What was the application process like for you?

J: I spoke with admission advisors, Mike and Shirley, who helped me fill out the portfolio and my admission. You fill out the portfolio based off the curriculum you wish to study.

M: Thank you Jax for answering these questions!

J: Thank you!

Photo: Jax's Instagram

Thank you so much again to Gigi for teaming up with me on this post! Keep a lookout for other posts in collaboration with Gigi soon!