• Mia Johnson

3 Ways To Wear A Swimsuit As A Top: 4th of July Edition

With 4th of July being next week, I found the cutest one piece I know you will love. After I bought the suit, I wondered.... How can I wear this swimsuit as a top with real clothes?! Today I am sharing ways on how you can wear a suit as a bodysuit and/or top to wear to events, or hanging with friends.

When I was thinking about what I was going to wear a swimsuit with, the first thing that came to mind was JEANS! When wearing jeans, you get to decide whether do dress it up or dress it down. I paired the suit with jeans, a flannel, and Tory Burch sandals. I decided to wear the flannel as a jacket, but you can for sure wear it around your waist when you get hot.

To go with the jeans theme, I decided to wear the suit with shorts for when the weather is warmer. Here in the Bay Area on the 4th of July, the weather is usually warm. Sooooo..... I decided to tie the flannel around my waist and wear Adidas when I am out and about walking to the parade. Oh and the blue bandana worked perfectly with the white Adidas and flannel!

Lastly, I have been wearing denim skirts nonstop! What's better than wearing a denim skirt with a denim jacket and a bright pink suit?! NOTHING!!! This outfit has to be my favorite that we shot in this suit because it was so comfy and festive for the fourth! How cute is the red bandana with the pink?! Perfect!!!

I would like to know... Would you ever try to wear your suit as a top?

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Mwah <3,