• Mia Johnson

BeautyCounter Flawless in Five with Bungalowbeauty

Hi everyone! Today I am partnering up with a local BeautyCounter Rep, Jenna Maze (@Bungalowbeauty on Instagram), to bring you my thoughts on the BeautyCounter's, Flawless in Five. You may be wondering; what is 'Flawless in Five'? To sum it up, this kit includes 6 makeup products that help you create an effortless look! The six products include, Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation, Touch-up Concealer Pen, Color Define Brow Pencil, your choice of either a Volumizing Mascara or Lengthening Mascara, Satin Powder Blush, and Lip Gloss. Flawless in Five is a total of $150 (value of $187) Plus.. Today until September 27th, you can get a free Eye Makeup Remover with a purchase of Flawless in Five!!!!

What makes BeautyCounter so unique is that they are a brand fully committed to safe makeup and skincare products containing all natural ingredients. BeautyCounter does not use harmful chemicals that are in most of our makeup and skincare today. BeautyCounter was featured in Vogue, Today, The New York Times, and many others.

Here are my thoughts on the Flawless in Five!

Tint Skin:

I was not able to test out this product fully during this shoot because of my nut allergy, but I have tried it out previously and the product goes on so smoothly and has buildable coverage. I highly recommend using this with a Beauty Blender or damp beauty sponge for a more seamless application. I am shade 'Porcelain' for reference. My sister actually uses this product almost every single day and raves about it!! This product reminds me more of a tinted moisturizer than a foundation because of its sheer, buildable coverage. This product is not cakey and applies smooth.

Concealer Pen:

I love this concealer pen! I do feel the need to apply more, (I'm a full coverage gal), but you definitely do not have to. With it's buildability and blendability, layering does not make the product heavy or cakey. I blended out this concealer with my fingers and it worked great! Of course, you can use a brush and beauty sponge if you have one. The clicker applicator makes me feel like a kid again when Stila had the clicker glosses! Haha! I actually adore the clicker applicator because it stops you from using too much product and the brush applies the concealer seamlessly. *I do recommend using powder on top, if you have one, to avoid any creasing.*

Color Define Brow Pencil:

This is probably one of my favorite products in the set because the pencil is so easy to use and there is a spooley on the other end for convenience. If/when you mess up applying this product, if you brush over the spot with the spooley, it cleans up your mess. The precise, thin, pencil like tip makes it an easy process to apply. The pencil is pigmented and no way waxy.


I have only tried out the Lengthening Mascara, so I can only put my two cents in for that product. This product does lengthen your eyelashes, but I would loved to have this mascara curl my lashes. The formula is wet and dries instantly. However, you are able to build up with mascara without any clumping. This is probably not my favorite mascara, but if you want an all natural mascara for day to day, go for this! My mom loves the volumizing mascara, so I may have to try that out next.


These blushes are so highly pigmented, but blend out flawlessly. The shade I used was Melon. I am a light pink and peachy blush lover, and this color was perfect! I love the hint of sheen this has and I recommend going light handed with this product so that you don't apply too much. All the shades are gorgeous and I highly recommend.

Lip Gloss:

Jenna knew how much I love a good red lip, so we used the shade, Poppy Shimmer. OK let me tell you, these glosses are my absolute FAVE!!! They glide on like butter and feels like water on your lips. I love how these glosses are sheer because it adds a natural feel and makes it perfect to wear to school. And did I mention these smell like VANILLA?!!!! So dang good! You have to pick up a gloss for yourself.

Outside of the Flawless in Five, Jenna also had me test out the Red Color Intense Lipstick , Charcoal Cleansing Bar, and Style Sea Salt Spray.

The red lipstick is so highly pigmented and has a matte finish. This lipstick is in no way drying and applies evenly. I love the creamy consistency and the long-lasting effect.

I love the Charcoal Bar because it exfoliates the face very gently and makes your skin feel baby soft. I also love how you can cut this bar into pieces to bring traveling with you or gift to others to try.

Lastly, the Sea Salt Spray smells just like the beach and feels as if I am on a tropical vacay! I instantly noticed my hair becoming wavy after applying this product.

Overall, I am sure you can tell I enjoyed everything!! My favorite part about Beautycounter are the clean, safe ingredients and how it works well for all skin types.

To shop the Flawless in Five click here.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!

Mwah <3,