• Mia Johnson

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Try-On's & Recommendations

Hi y'alllll... Long time no see! On friday, July 12, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened their doors to ALL Nordstrom cardholders. For those that do not have a Nordstrom Card, you can shop the sale starting July 19th through August 4th. I was holding off of sharing my Nordstrom sale picks until this post because I felt like there is a WHOLE lot we need to discuss regarding this sale, such as the sale items being repeated every year. My favorite Astr dress and BLANKNYC jackets have been on sale for the last couple years, and most people agree with me on the fact that Nordstrom needs to pick newer items to put on sale. I won't lie to you when I say that the items NOT on sale are better than those that are.

HOWEVER, I have noticed a few items that are new to the sales such as some of the shoes, beauty deals, and accessories. Some clothing were new to the sale, but they have been so picked over and not exciting to look at. I will hands down be honest with y'all when I say that the shoes and makeup were the highlight of the sale!

OKKKK... so I am sure you all are wanting me to share the items I tried on, so lets get on that!

Top: $13.20 (normally $22) (Not a part of the Nsale)

Skirt: $64.90 (normally $98)

Shoes: $198

Bralette: $38

So, let's talk about this outfit... The only item I am wearing in this photo that is a part of the Nordstrom sale is this skirt. I am in love with the tight fit and the suede because #fall! If this was available in my size (26) in store, I would have purchased it in a heartbeat! SO flattering and pairs well with any top. However, I have a feeling this wouldn't work well in the heat because it is SO hard to take off in general, and when its hot, it will make it 10x harder.

Cardigan: $64.90 (normally $98)

Leggings: $29.90 (normally $40)

Both the cardigan and leggings are a part of the Nordstrom sale and they are so comfyyyy. The cardigan is so warm and cozy, and I recommend you to go down a size.

As for the leggings, they are so hugging that a part of me wants to say that they are a bit uncomfortable. Only the white lines down the sides of the pants are what makes the leggings a bit tight. They are not my favorite leggings, but they are a good lounge pant.

Top: $11.90 (normally $15)

Jeans: $89.97 (not a part of the Nsale)

Booties: $79.90 (normally $119.95)

My favorite tee I bought last year at the Nordstrom Sale is on sale again and I love it! Comes in 4 other colors and fits true-to-size, but I recommend sizing up one for a looser fit.

As for these booties, they are my current obsession! The snake print is EVERYTHING! Based off of what I observed during the sale, I can tell that animal print is going to be a huge trend for the fall time. These booties are true-to-size and are also available in black.

Sweater: $49.90 (normally $79) (available in 3 colors)

Jeans: $146.90 (normally $220)

Both items are included in the sale. I wanted to love this sweater SO BAD but it was very tight-fitted and not flattering on. It is available in 3 colors, but I honestly wouldn't recommend y'all to check it out.

As for the jeans though.. these are my new favorite! My mom and I bought these to share, but I already know I will have the most use out of these, haha! They fit true-to-size and have stretch to them making these super comfortable.

Booties: $86.90 (normally $129.95)

I ordered this booties along with the snake print ones and I love them both equally. These are super comfortable and they are the best booties I have found so far! These booties fit true-to-size and comes in this tan suede, black leather, and a brown snake print.

Cropped Sweatshirt: $40.90 (normally $55).

Shorts: $59.50 (not a part of the sale)

So, these shorts are not a part of the sale, but I couldn't help but to try them on! These are one of the best shorts ever! They are so similar to the Agolde shorts which are $128, but these are more of an affordable option that does the same thing.

However, this sweatshirt is a part of the sale, and it is so COMFYYYY! I would say it runs big, so I recommend going down a size. Available in blue and pink as well!

Top: $38.90 (normally $59)

Jeans: $146.90 (normally $220)

When trying on this top, I thought it was going to be cuter than it actually was. It looked very oversized and not flattering on the body. But, what I did find was that if you unbutton the buttons and tuck the shirt into your jeans, it looks 10x better. The top is super soft and runs big. I am 50/50 about recommending this since there are ways to make the top look better. It does come in a total of 4 colors though.

NOW... onto some sunglasses that are NOT on sale, but I wanted to try on anyways! HAHAH!

Sunglasses: $60

Necklace: $38

Sunglasses: $60

Sunglasses: $65

Beauty Favorites:

Charlotte Tilbury: $60

Mac: $59.50

St. Tropez: $46

Nest Candles Trio: $30

Luxie Face Brushes: $35

Stila Glitter Eyes: $35

& That is it!!! Thank you all for reading and happy shopping!

Mwah <3,