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6 Day's of Fall: DIY Decorations

October 10, 2016

This week I decided to share with you all, 3 easy DIY décor that you can make right at home, to create some Fall and Halloween spirit.



All are from Target

-Hand Made Modern Wood Round

-Hand Made Modern Metallic Paint in 'Rose Gold' and '14k Gold'

-Hand Made Modern Satin Paint in 'Brick Red'

-Crayola Washable Paint in 'Orange'

-Hand Made in Modern Fall Stencils (Can't seem to find it on in stores only)

-Plain Black Gravestone (also can't to seem to find it on in stores only)

-Paint Brushes

-Silver Paint Pen

-SpritzTM Banners 80" Gold


Pictures Below:


1: Banners:

       -To start off the banners, I took my SpritzTM Banners 80" Gold from Target and took a pencil to sketch out the lettering

       -On all 10 Banners, spelling out 'HALLOWEEN', I went over the lettering with orange and gold, switching the colors every other letter, Orange,Gold,O,G, etc.

       -After the letters dried, I took my Hand Made in Modern Fall stencils and used every single pattern, different one every letter.

        -After that dried and I peeled off the stencils, I took the thread the banner came with and weaved the letters on to the thread. Then I taped the banner outside to make my patio pop. But you can place the banner anywhere you want! :)


2: Gravestone:

       -I took a plain black gravestone that I found in stores at Target and put whatever wording I wanted.  Be creative- and spooky!

       -I decided to put the words 'R.I.P. October 31, 1999 - October 31, 2002' on the front with the brick red paint splatter paint, and 'HAPPY HALLOWEEN OCTOBER 31' on the back

      -On the front I took my orange paint to spell out 'October 31, 1999 - October 31, 2002' and brick red paint to spell out the words 'R.I.P.'

     -On the back I took my 14k gold paint to spell out 'HAPPY,' orange paint for 'HALLOWEEN' and '31,' and the silver paint pen for the words 'OCTOBER'

     -Lastly, on the back, I took the silver paint again and drew 3 spider webs.


3: 'Hello Fall' Wood Round:

       -I made this DIY in the past, so I decided this time to create it again and share it on the blog.

       -I took the wood round I got from Target and covered it in the 14k gold paint.

      -After the paint dried, I took both the orange and the brick red paint to spell out 'hello Fall' in cursive.

      -When that dried, I took the acorn and one of the leaf stencils and painted them on to the wood round using the orange, rose gold, 14k gold, and brick red paint.

     -Voila! That's it!



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