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May 9, 2019




Happy 2019 everyone! I can't believe it has been since December 16th when I last talked to you all. I wanted to share  what's new on Sweet Life of Mia, and why I haven't blogged since December. Make sure you follow me on social media, @sweetlifeofmia (Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest), to stay up to date on my life.


Lets start off in December...


December 21st


I announced I have joined the basketball cheer team at school through Instagram. We have had practices since beginning of December and our season came to a close the first week of March. During this time period, I also became a part of the school musical which practices began in November,and performances were in the middle of March. During this time period, I have been focusing on school work since I wouldn't come home till late each night trying to balance these extra curriculars.



January 1st


I spent Christmas with my family this year, and then during New Year's, I spent time with good friends and great food. This was probably one of my most relaxing New Years, but it was definitely the best. 


January 3rd


I spent time with friends once again and got to work on a photoshoot for my one of my friend's photography portfolio. This was her first ever portrait and human shoot, because she focused on horse photography for a couple years. The best part was that I got to spend the whole day with my friends




January 19th and 20th


I flew into Orange County with my mom to run a 5k. This was my first running race because I HATE running!! Haha. But to be honest, this race was pretty fun because I got to run with my mom and aunt. Once our race was over, my other aunt ran a MARATHON!!! Great job Rachel! 


While visiting Orange County, I also got to see my sister for a day and tried Olive Garden for my first time! Best breadsticks EVER! 



February 4th 


This was the day I got my license. I actually waited almost a year before getting my license because all my friends decided to wait as well since we weren't pressured into getting it right away. Honestly, driving is so much fun because I can drive to and from school, and stop at Starbucks whenever I feel like it. 


February 10th


I got to partner with a PR company, Influenster, and Lancome to test out Lancome's new skincare line. I tested out their new setting powder, setting spray, Vitamin C serum and retinol cream. I use the powder every single day and you can shop it here. 



February 17th


I got to work with my friend Lauren again, @fullgallopcaptures on Instagram, to work on a fun golden hour shoot in Sonoma. The photos turned out AMAZING!!!! Lauren is seriously so talented y'all!



February 28th


I celebrated my 17th birthday...kinda...! I actually celebrated my birthday with the flu and I wasn't able to see the decorations my friends put on my locker until 5 days later! It's ok though, because I celebrated my birthday beginning of April. 


All of March


I was working on a fun social media experiment which I will share in an upcoming post. It was honestly kind of successful and I can't wait to share... so stay tuned. 


April 7th


I FINALLY celebrated my birthday with a few of my friends. Not all could make it, but it was fun to at least celebrate without being sick! Hahah! We went into Yountville and ate pizza/caramel pot de creme at Reddwood. After, we popped over to downtown Yountville to check out stores and take photos. Such a fun day! 



April 14-16


Finally, I went to LA for 3 days to check out colleges. I looked at Loyola Marymount and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I loved both and cannot wait to look at more colleges. After looking at colleges, we went to Pink's Hot Dogs and it was PACKED with people. Such a great meal. We also went to LACMA to look at the lamp exhibit and popped over to Melrose. 







Okkk... so this is what I have been up to the last almost 4 month time period. I have Prom coming up in May and then I will officially be out of school for summer until August. I have some fun blog posts coming up so stay tuned. 


*P.S. Since there are so many photos and so many outfits, you can shop all these looks in the free app by searching, Sweetlifeofmia.*


Mwah <3,



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